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New information from the Admins of Banana Smores

New stuff for our members

I have big news today and a lot to announce.

First, all of our servers are running Minecraft 1.8 and are nearly bug free at this point. A new world has been generated for the Vanilla and the old Survival server.

The computing platform we were on was at its limit for running our game servers. So this week we moved our game servers to a new very powerful computing platform that will allow for more expansion and we took full advantage of that.

We have joined forces with another mature adult group called Better In Game who have a variety of Minecraft game variations. You probably have already noticed chatting with them but you can also play with them by typing /server lobby. By being registered in Banana Smores you will have full builder benefits on all servers and they can come play with you as well.

Our Semi-Vanilla Survival server has been renamed to Dream and still has all the great features that you love including an economy, shops, residence protection, world map, chest protection, and player voting for condition changes. The new URL to the game server and world map is We have a new direct URL to our Creative server which is and there is a new creative world map that you can access using the same web address. And last but not least our first to update and often reset vanilla world can be accessed using

The new game variations include a Towney/ mcMMO server called Monarch, a Hunger Games server called Famine, a PVP raiding server called Splinter, a Flat world creative server called Sandbox, and a Semi-Vanilla server called Pure. All of these servers can viewed and accessed with the /server command.

We hope you enjoy access to all these fun game variations and enjoy the benefits to this new more powerful computing platform.

Big Changes! Connected servers

Hello fellow Smores!

I am pleased to announce some big changes that may not affect most of you! Our survival server is now a hub for our other members servers. And soon there will be some mini minecraft games for all members to play.

To use this awesome new system all you have to do is join our survival world at once you are in you can see all of our worlds with /server and you can switch between servers with /server NAME.

This change will allow you to talk to and see all of all the Banana Smores members on all of our different servers.

Also look forward to a news release of our new Feed the Beast server.

New Forums

Woohoo! We are now up and running on a forum system that I am hoping would take better care of us. Please give them a view over and see how you like them.

Let us know if you find any issues with the new forum system.

Happy New Years Banana Smores!

Minecraft version 1.6.4 is in use.

Version 1.6.4 is here. There is basic support on enough plugins that we can upgrade now.

So next time you join the game make sure you click on Edit Profile in the bottom left corner and then select 1.6.4 in the Version drop down.

If you are using Magic Launcher then click on Setup and then Browse for the new version. After you find 1.6.4 in the Versions folder save the setup and then launch the game.

I will get some pictures up to document this process eventually.

Steps for troubleshooting your Minecraft connection

Mojang has been acting weird a lot lately. Start your troubleshooting here If there are red items on that page you may not be able to connect to any minecraft server.

If minecraft is up check to make sure our server is up. A good ez resource are any of our profiles at voting sites. I like

Our game server has an uptime of 99.2% so we have less than 6 hours of downtime a month. Our server is hosted on on a Level 2 fiber optic connection provided by cognet a company known to provide lightspeed connectivity and excellent uptime.

Finally if you are having a hard time check to make sure you are using the same version as we are. Our server is currently using version 1.7.2 and your client will need to match that for you to play. Please refer to the post below to find out how to make sure you client is matching our server's version.

If you are experiencing game lag while playing lets check to see if its your network. Open your command prompt (Windows click start, search for cmd and open) then type traceroute Use the three sets of numbers on the left and look for a large difference from one line to another. If you results have one copy the results and email them to me at cynixx3 at gmail dot com (ignore any *).

New version of Minecraft.

Hello all. If you are having a hard time joining our server because we are out of date here is what you can do to play with us.

If you game is open close it. Re run your launcher. Before you click play! Click on Edit Profile in the bottom left corner. In the new window look for Use Version about half way down and select 1.6.2 in the dropdown box. Now just click Save Profile and Play.

Why are we not updating right away?
As you may know we are using a craftbukkit server. Now that Mojang released an update the Bukkit community needs time to rewrite their API and plugins so that they are compatible with the latest update. As soon as they have a stable build and our important plugins are compatible with the new API we will upgrade and ask everyone to update their profiles to use the new version.

If you have any questions feel free to ask and hopefully we will still see everyone in the game.

Hello Smores! Were 100% again!

*edit* Okay maybe more like 97%. But lag free :D.

Welcome back to our wonderful little gaming community we have here. Our maintenance woes are over, for now. Everyone should be able to join and play at the same time without any lag. Or if there is any lag it would only be temporary vrs the two straight days of lag we had.

We have made some major jumps forward in how well off we are. Were using a platform built from the ground up with Minecraft and security in mind. We should not have any big problems for a while.

I really want to thank all of you for sticking with us during that really very badly timed maintenance window. I promise if we can ever avoid having a maintenance window during or approaching a weekend, we will avoid it like the plague.

Everyone should know that during the troubleshooting process I removed most entities in the world. I apologize for the inconvenience that this causes you in advance. I would also like to inform you that as part of our Anti-Griefing policy you can contact one of the admins and request that we repopulate your animal farms and we will be there to do that for you. We understand doing things twice sucks and we want to help you avoid very long walks with frustrating animals. We will give you at least 2 of each animal, picture frame, or item you lost.

Keep those ideas and suggestions coming. We are here for you! This group would be nothing without great members like yourself. Make sure you put in your two cents to make this game as fun as it can be for you and your friends. As always, we look forward to playing with you on the server where everythings better in the game.

Status update

We have reloaded our operating system and have reinstalled the necessary programs for minecraft. The server started to be functional 3pm est, WAY past when I was hoping to have it back up. It didn't help that right around the time I started to test its functionality Mojang stopped allowing users to login. Luckily that didn't last long and were back up and running now.  While I was at it I upgraded some of our plugins and many server configs. There are still some things that I need to work on but were officially saving the changes again. 🙂 YEA!

It was a long 12 hours of downtime but it will be worth it in the very near future.

If you jump on now you can play and anything done will be saved but the server may still be restarting and lagging every now and then.