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I honestly don’t know what to say.

Chaos you have thrown around a bunch of accusations that are not true.

I don’t want to keep this pissing contest going.

I am sorry you feel like this about our group. But there is no reason to keep flaunting your ability and insulting ours when you don’t like what we try to do and when you have found another group to make you happy.

If you would like to talk I would be happy to offer a rebuttal on many things but the last few times that I have posted in response to you, it has been ignored.

If you ever would like to have a normal discussion please feel free to get a hold of me. If not I truly wish you the best on your new vanilla server and hope that you find your own Mindcrack group as we move on with our lives.

As for this thread it looks like it has deviated from the intended discussion. However the world reset is looking likely.

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