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#4- I logged on last night and ran around spawn a bit more extensively. We actually do have a few shops scattered about which is nice. They’re just these big boring looking rectangles sitting in the middle of nowhere though. I’d at very least like to make the area prettied up. Our spawn city looks pretty bland and I feel that potential new players that visit the server will spawn in and go, “Wow, this is an amazing building! Whats East? Oh, 2 giant cardboard boxes. *Snore*” This is also another reason why I’ve been pushing for some sort of monument. I wanna help make spawn efficient and eye catching. Additionally, I’d like to help make spawn more of a gathering place for server members to interact. It seems the current 48 members (i think) rarely ever see one another. As much as I love it, the /res tp option kills an aspect of the game for us. You never have to meet your neighbor if you never need to walk by his house after all. Just my opinion, not hating. As I’ve said before, I’m vanilla vanilla. Not french vanilla, not vanilla with fudge ripple, not hazelnut vanilla. Just vanilla. The closest I come to mods on my own is the John Smith Texture Pack that doesn’t work for 1.6.2 at the moment.

#5- After thinking about it Tarq, you’re right. I mean, it’s cool to set things up for success for new players, but to out right hand them a way to have diamond gear the first 2 minutes on the server might be a bit much. Perhaps this is a project Chaos Inc. should work on in the private labs.