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I’m not so keen on the World Reset idea. Let me explain why.

Firstly, one of my goals whilst spending the hours I’ve spent on my build was to integrate it within its landscape. I deliberately chose its location based on the interesting variety of terrain in the vicinity, and it wasn’t by accident that I decided to build on the intersection of three different biomes. As such, it isn’t something that can be simply lifted and placed on a new map. In fact, that’s part of the point of the build.

Secondly, if we did go for a World Reset, I’m not sure I would be willing to invest my energies in the same way in the future. I realise that everything built on a Minecraft server is ephermal, but the danger of a World Reset is that it will open the door for further resets, undermining the future of any further builds.

Now, I understand the desire to access the new biomes. Are there no other alternatives that should be considered before giving thought to the most drastic course of action? There’s a giant mass of snow biome in the West that it is barely explored. Is there a way of pasting in the missing biomes into there, perhaps with World Edit? Cyn has talked about using World Edit to fix some of the current map’s inelegant artefacts left over from the update.

It’s also worth noting that 1.7 was a major biome update. We’re unlikely to see anything changes to the world as earth shattering (ho ho!) as these for some time.

I do sympathise with a lot of what Chaos has said. Spawn would probably benefit from the changes he describes, and could be reset (or moved!) without having to reset the entire world. I’m afraid that at the moment spawn is a bit of a mess and is hardly ever used. It’d be great to have a compact, planned spawn with plots of land set aside for building and renting, and one that offers new players the help they need along with a sense of direction when they first join the server.