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Nope, just moving on. I know that I could continue on with server and build normally without having to sponsor, but I am done. Your sponsor system is fine, only part being that 3 different servers might segregate the community slightly, but probably not. Again, this is simple my decisions to just be done and allow for addition space to be freed up for more active users on the server.

Cyn, I really hope that i have not offended you or make it seem that i am angry about this. It was a simple goodbye and info about some free stuff for the other users if they wanted them.

Last point to anyone else reading these, I am not saying that the sponsor system is bad or that the server is now done. I think it’s great and everyone should sponsor or donate if they can! Cyn and the other admins have worked very hard on this server (free up to now) and deserve some additional help to make it even better. My decision to leave is just a simple one of not having the time or want to stay on, and sponsoring was just another reason that I feel that since i wont be doing it, I might as well leave.

Anyways Cyn, good luck and I hope that clears it up for you.