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I don’t really know what the population of B. smores is looking like right now since I’ve been out for weeks. But I think if we ever reach something like 15-20 people on at one time regularly at peak hours respawning ender dragon would be good. It gives people something to work for, alot of people have never actually beat the game. And it is alot of work to do so in single player so most people playing a multiplayer server that still want to “beat” minecraft probably won’t be splitting their time between a single player save and the multiplayer server to beat it.

That being said I still stand by my suggestion of a lottery or some kind of contest to be given the chance to kill it, and say the person who wins the chance to fight the dragon is not able to (Doesn’t have good enough equips, potions, etc) within 1-2 days or something it goes on to the next person.