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Quote from DarkissHowl on September 6, 2013, 01:44pm
So I was wondering….

Me and Kim both where looking for a strong hold for some time, got there and it was all broken up. So we both said “shall we try and kill the ender dragon” but it was already dead.

Anyway the idea is: What if once a Month we respawn the ender dragon so the community can all help kill it, this could also work for the Wither boss. This will help us all come together plus it would just be funny to do. However one small problem I do see doing this and that is, The egg/nether star. Who would get it? Have to be a system in place to make it far or maybe no one gets it at all, and the Egg/Nether Star can be in spawn showing off how many times the server has killed both bosses.

Anyway you ideas are always welcome, please say what you think 😀
Happy Gamming 😀

Tarqquin and I talked about this in the days leading up to and after I had killed the dragon. I think being able to fight the dragon should be a reward for some sort of contest or even a random drawing every month (Or other set interval)

On another note the nether star drops from the Wither boss, not the dragon and you can get any amount of wither stars I believe, you just have to spend the time to farm the wither skulls in Nether.

On that note also, if you have reached The End as you said in your post, congratulations, but please don’t steal my beacon I left there :<, I have moved states and I am unable to play minecraft until I get my first pay check from my new job so I havent been on in weeks. I also forgot I had left the beacon there in the end, and I also assumed nobody would go there lol, but I guess its not common knowledge anymore that I already killed the dragon long ago with the influx of new players.

So yeah, if you already took the beacon please give it back when I return or if someone like tarq/cynixx sees this could you please get it and hold it for me or just place it within my residence :B.