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I find this strange as we were working on spawn ideas a few WEEKS back now.  I believe more happens on the server in real-time chat than what the forums here show.   So that invalidates a lot of what was said above…in fact that also means you are judging based on a time capsule of when you were actively involved on the server–which has been a few months now.

It looks like you know what you want to do and have your own ideas which is always a good thing, I wish you the best in your future endeavors and look forward to not being stereotyped into whatever you believe is reality–the reality you’ve created in your mind.  I don’t think you know much about the newer players that have joined in your server absence, but I will say that you don’t speak for us so please stop stereotyping us.

I understand you are bitter, and quite honestly anything you say anymore is going to be confrontational–I believe you have burnt all the bridges so Achievement: The End is a proper burial.  Peace Bro…