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YES, of course the world should be reset. It should have been reset months ago when 1.7.2 came out. I’ve said this multiple times until I’m blue in the face. Minecraft has an amazing set of game developers that strive to make this game evolve, constantly. That’s why there is such a high repeat value to playing. It’s a sandbox game that allows you to do whatever you want, without being confined to typical game mechanics. IF you want to be a hunter, builder, explorer, whatever, you can. Since BananaSmores went live the game has been updated going on 3 times. New biomes have been generated, new blocks have been (and will again soon be) added. Resetting a server, not just this one, is crucial to the evolution of the game. EVERY server eventually gets reset in some fashion. It’s been a long time coming. It makes no sense why it hasn’t been done before now. It baffles me frankly.

To read people complain, “I spent too much time building this,” or, “I don’t want to lose my stuff,” flat out enrages me. You’re being fucking lazy. I spent my first week on the server living in a fucking hole where the arena is. I didn’t have a damn base. I worked hard and accomplished more in a few hours than some of you have since you’ve been on the server, without diamond anything, without a farm, without a roof over my head. I invested countless hours on this server and happily welcome a world reset and to start from scratch. Why? Because I’m a good player… fuck that, I’m a great player. Better than most. That was cocky, but no less true.

This server is fucking easy to play on. It’s a bukkit server, not a vanilla server. You might as well change the difficulty from Hard to Peaceful. You can teleport wherever you want to go, so there’s no danger in traveling. You can turn it day time whenever you want and control the weather, so there’s hardly any fear of being attacked. If you don’t feel like mining out an area to build on, the admin will delete the land for you for crying out loud AND save you the blocks. How easy do you fucking want it??? Should I come to your house and click the damn mouse for you too? Claiming that the server doesn’t allow spawning of blocks isn’t even entirely true if you can get the admin to world edit land away and give you the blocks. You don’t even have to spend the time with a pick in your hand to get stone to build with! It can’t get any easier. Seriously! The only thing you have to do is stack the blocks. Stop acting like babies because you’re going to have to invest time in building something over again. So what? You have to build shit, that’s the fucking premise of the game! It’s supposed to be a challenge. It’s not called “happy easy fun time”, it’s called survival. You’re supposed to do your best with what you have and survive. Personally, I feel if you’re too lazy to rebuild something, find a creative server to play on. All these mods… how can you seriously sit there and tell me it’s too hard? Lie to my face and tell me that. Hell, donators can even fucking fly in god mode now!

How are we even holding a discussion on charging people for world edit commands like cut and paste? No. No, you shouldn’t be allowed to paste your old build on the new world. It’s a new world, build something new. It’s not fair to the rest of the people on the server. Additionally, no, you shouldn’t charge people for it either. 5-10 bucks for 60 seconds of editing??? No, you shouldn’t be allowed to bring your old gear from your old world to a new world. What the fuck people? I’ve never heard Etho one fucking time ask Guude if he can give him 5 bucks to put his single player base on MindCrack. Not once has BDubs asked for the server to be world edited. I never heard DocM say, “Can I start off the new server with my diamond gear if I give you 5 bucks.” Fucking Christ! Do you hear yourselves???

What really needs to happen is that clear, precise, definitive rules should be set in place instead of continually amending them.
-White listing should be by skype or email with an interview process which will include the applicant’s skill set and photos or a video of their work and a questionnaire. That way, only people you want to play will be invited instead of anybody that fills out an application. That’s not a fucking white list, that’s just paperwork. This is the exact reason the server got hacked 3 times, twice of which in the same week and that you have people that live in dirt houses.
-18 and over age limit should be enforced so we don’t have to put up with childish behavior or petty arguments like, “My friend I’m sharing a base with built something beside my half of the base so I tore it down.”
-A world border build limit needs to be set in place and not moved until another update comes out so there’s a guarantee of new content.
-Admins shouldn’t be allowed to fly, use god mode, PowerTool mods, Xray, World Edit, respawn player’s gear, augment game mechanics… shall I go on? I can… If you’re going to play on the server, follow the same rules as the rest of the players. Otherwise, you’re just cheating. Additionally, in the case of Tarqquin, don’t world edit spawn and build a useless skyscraper out of diamond and iron that’s an eyesore and serves no fucking purpose at all, other than ruining land development for other people and wasting resources.
-Stop letting people build in spawn any god damn place they feel like. I did my best to keep the place organized after the plague of rectangular buildings started popping up everywhere under the square sun. Next day I log on, and there’s a new fucking building sitting right where a street needs to go. Perhaps try planning??? Maybe, discuss things with one another? You’re all barking about wanting a prettier spawn, but I guarantee the EXACT same problems will happen again. People will build whatever and where ever they want and not give one shit about how it affects the rest of the area. That’s why you have one street with buildings butted up against one another, and another street without shit on it. Because no one wanted to work together. They wanted to do their own thing and said, “Fuck the rest.” I was the only person attempting to make the place look better. I did the landscaping, tore down mountains, cut trees, filled holes, built walls and the rest of you said, “Hey, here’s an empty spot that someone already cleared for me.” WTF. Common decency is lacking on this server. Hence why there’s someone’s base on the front steps of Solar’s cathedral. Because someone else said, “I don’t care, I’m going to do what I want.”
-DEMAND players keep up with forum posts so they can keep up to date with the upcoming builds and events so that way they actually act like fellow players instead of living in their own little single player world. IF you don’t want to participate on the server with everyone else, you shouldn’t be allowed to play on it. MindCrack is the most viewed server on youtube for a damned good reason. Because, the people playing on that server work together. They have weekly meetings, they call one another, they write forum posts, they plan ahead, they actually want to play with one another. THAT’s why it works. Because they conduct themselves as professionals and respect one another enough to find out what everyone else is doing so they don’t foul things up for anyone else.

I quit this server because I’m frankly tired of the bullshit. Yes, it’s a friendly server and a majority of the people are great, but it also seems like we’ve been running through a mine field at night with no flashlight. I spent hours to find the perfect spot for my base far away from others in the perfect esthetic location, just to have it world edited away without my permission and everything in the chests deleted. I couldn’t even teleport to my res because the world border had moved… again. Do I get reimbursed in anyway for my items, time spent, money lost? No. I go to my new project and someone has taken up building there AND I can’t even remove the fucking door because someone put a res on it. I had my spawn building permissions taken away, even though I’m the one who built the majority of it with my own supplies without even a “Thanks”. I can’t even fix the things I personally built at spawn that were destroyed or damaged. I was the guinea pig for the donator status long before it was even installed, just to be taken off of the whitelist for the vanilla server (which is what I actually wanted to play on in the first place). The fucking mods are god damn retarded and even when people bitch about them, they don’t get removed. So, yeah, I’m a bit bitter. I felt slapped in the fucking face to be honest.

So, bitch and moan all you want about losing your stuff or your base when/if a new world gets put into action. I frankly don’t give a shit what you think anymore. Fact is, most of you can’t keep up with me anyhow. I’m fucking awesome. I’m one of the fastest, best builders this server has or will ever see. We’re not even in the same league. I can out PvP damn near every one of you. I don’t need to rely on plug-ins or mods to protect me. I’m vigilant, hard working, smart and talented. Whatever you build, I can rebuild faster, and more than likely make it look better. I’ve only spent 3 weeks on a new whitelisted PvP Vanilla Server and I’ve already built a base in the sky, an iron golem farm, 4 mob grinders, set up villager trading, found 5 mineshafts, 2 strongholds, a nether fortress, 7 spawners, built 6 buildings, a post office, I have maxed out weapons, tools, armor, built a lake by hand, terraformed an entire biome and planning on soloing the end dragon this upcoming week. All of this without the aid of any mods, plug-ins or teleports. I even had spare time to prank 3 people.

In the real world, if you lose your wallet, you don’t teleport to the DMV to get a free license and them give you your money and credit card back. You start over from scratch. You walk into the library and get yourself a new library card. In the real world, if your house burns down, you don’t get to world edit a new one back in its’ spot. If you move to another state, you don’t magically cut and paste your old home somewhere else.

Learn how to play the game or take up solitaire. Or do you want someone to provide and shuffle the deck for you too?
Stop being cowards.