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    I have built for you all an enchanting house beside of Scotty’s Repair Shop, so he can have some more wall space for his museum (love it by the way!!!). It’s not flashy, but it looks a lot better than that half finished thing that was there before.

    CONGRATULATIONS SERVER!!!! You now have a POST OFFICE! I went online and found a cute pic of this 100 year old cute P.O. in Iowa. I did my best to mimic it, and it turned out pretty well. Mailboxes are free for everyone (I almost scammed you guys into paying me a diamond a piece, but i’m cool like that, although I ALWAYS accept donations). To claim your own mailbox, simply go to the location (beside the wishing well) and inside is a chest full of signs. Place the sign on any mailbox you like. Note, ONE mailbox per person ONLY. To give someone mail, simply load the hopper on top of their box. When you have mail waiting for you, a redstone lamp will turn on, letting you know that you have mail. I gotta thank the boss man yet again for his assistance and yet another opportunity to build our world for you guys. You even have a teleport location if you don’t feel like walking from spawn (lazy dawgs!) /rg tp postoffice I’ll add a vending machine soon that will dispense books and quills for writing letters to one another. I also need to do a little landscaping and prettification, but the facility is operational and ready for use now.

    I have a hair bit more work to do on the fishing pond, but it’s useable as well.

    Construction has begun on the archery range beside the Arena. Nothing else to really report there.

    Doing my best to stock up The Seed Builders with items. Show some love. Would be thrilled to do some building for you or do supply runs for you all. I’d really adore your business.

    I would like for people to give suggestions for more things to build at spawn. We’re attempting to make it a hangout for the server and a gathering place for fun. I want your help. Tell us what you want/need and we’ll put some planning into it.

    Suggestions are also needed for the upcoming donator status. Cynix and I will be spending the upcoming weeks in our spare time researching other servers and seeing what they offer their players. Banana Smores will always be free to play, but if you wanna throw down a couple of bucks to help out your admin who invests 40 hours of his free time a week without pay, we’re gonna come up with a system to give you better benefits. The money received from these donations won’t be an amazing amount. Trust me, no one is gonna get rich off of this or have to quit their day job. But, I’m sure if Cynix could afford to work 4 hours less a week at this job, he would invest that 4 hours right back into the server. Please, don’t consider this a scam to get your money. I’m the con-artist, not Cynix. He’s a kick ass friend of mine that wants nothing more than to give everyone an incredible gaming experience in a safe, adult environment. He’s not independently wealthy, he does work for a living and still yet invests 40 hours a week into this server. That’s 40 hours away from his friends, his wife, his dogs, favorite TV shows, other games, social activities. Dude works 80 hours a week for US. Much love, much respect.
    -If you have any suggestions for donator status perks, please comment or even start a new thread in the forums so this one won’t confuse someone looking for it. Keep in mind there are “chiseled in stone” set ground rules for donator perks. For one, no block spawning (such as creative mode). We are a survival server. A damned good one at that. Almost every thing in the game you may need, we have built a machine or farm for that would allow us to. You just gotta ask to use it. We will not spawn in mob spawners, rare blocks, sponges or anything of the like. I’m a firm believer in earning whatever you get in life. If you need blocks bad enough, go find them and make them. Toughen up. Really, other than that, we’re all open to suggestions. We also have a sister server that Cynix and I donate to creative mode to practice build concepts and machines before we actually build them on survival. One thought was to give players access to this as well, or even putting mods in it such as FeedTheBeast or Zepplins to give an aspect of the game that we don’t normally get in vanilla. Just a thought. Not sold on it yet. I can’t swear for all the perks at the moment, not my call, but I know that you will receive a nice little cash boost (Good, considering land value is going to be going up in the near future for residences) and the ability to have more homes. Get back to us with your ideas. We wanna hear from you.

    Thanks for reading!

    P.S. It’s a sad sad day for your ole pal Chaos. Today while working on spawn, I was strolling around the border and a massive amount of enemies spawned nearby. All too confident in myself, I took them on. Dozens and dozens of zombies fell to the might of my bow! Unfortunately, I neglected to check my back for creepers (I keep telling you!) and one snuck up behind me and blew me to hell. When I spawned back, the horde had not only taken my Sharpness 5 knockback 2 fire aspect diamond sword, they also grabbed my prized bow The Machine Gun. Machine Gun was a power 5, punch 2, Flame. Needless to say, I died 12 times in attempts to get my weapons back. Since both items had the ability to do massive damage as well as forcing someone backwards, it was a nearly impossible task while taking on a horde. I would kill the one holding it and then his buddy would pick it back up and the process started over again. I got my sword back finally, but my poor old Machine Gun is lost forever. 🙁 Got me thinking, man I’d love some new enchantments to be added to the game. When you lose your best stuff, all you want is better stuff. So, now I’ve downgraded to my Rifle, which isn’t nearly as strong as Machine Gun, but I oughta make it a little while til I get a new one enchanted up.

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