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    Well, we all love it. Let’s make it better. Together.

    It seems many of us, myself included, are exited about the evolution of the server. There are dozens of ideas being brewed up every second (a brewery is a great idea). Here’s the thing. We need to organize.

    The latest topic of interest has been the production of a Nether Transit System.
    I’d like to first start this tangent by saying,


    A build of this size that will affect the entire server needs to be handled with precision and stability. We cant’ blindly charge in with our own individual ideas and start doing things. Several issues immediately come to mind that no one has even brought up yet that will drastically effect the build, because there hasn’t yet been an open discussion on what will happen. This is imperative. The preparation is more important at this point than the execution.

    I am not the President of this server.
    I am not the Vice-President of this server.
    I am not the Speaker of the House of this server.
    But, if I ran, I’m damned sure I would at least be a Senator.

    I NEVER want to make decisions for any of you. EVERYTHING should be diplomatic. This is YOUR SERVER as much as it is mine. I do not speak for you. YOU have a say. This isn’t corporate bureaucratic “kids on the hill” bull shit. There’s less than 50 of us. You represent more than 2% of the vote, each and every one of you. If you want the Nether Hub to be made out of Pink and Purple Wool, vote for it. (I’m gonna tell ya right now, that’s not happening… Don’t waste your vote) I guess what I’m getting at is, speak your voice.

    So, here’s mine.

    First order of business:

    1. Devise a structured procedure for any build that drastically effects the gameplay of the server. Large builds take up real estate, too many nether portals in one area link together (something to keep in mind, hint hint), light levels affecting spawn rates. The list of precautions is crazy. We need to come up with some sort of organized procedure to deal with issues like this. Who gets to be involved? How many? Do we work in shifts? so on and so on. I have an idea, completely open for revision…

    -Break large community builds up into teams. If a build calls for redstone and someone excels at it, put them in charge of that. If someone has an amazing imagination and can build well, put them in charge of that. If someone is great at foraging and gathering resources… you get the idea. Not only will this promote the “community build” concept by representing all our strengths, it will give us a better chance to interact and learn from one another. Some people are amazing at landscaping, by all means, go right ahead. You get the idea. If multiple people want the same build, have a build off. Build a scaled down model of what you plan. We’ll all vote.

    -A meeting should be set on resources for the construction. For recent instance, the nether build. What to use vs Ghast blasts? Cobble? Mine out a Nether Fortress for Bricks? Pink Wool… NO, stop asking for pink wool, dammit. What might be pleasing to the eye, might be unsafe for travel. Issues like these should be addressed. Additionally, where do these resources come from? Are we allowed to terraform the land and move mountains? If so, where?

    (30 minute break)

    I suppose what I was getting at is there needs to be some type of procedure for all this. Otherwise we’re gonna have 150 block high dildos in the desert or canyon size hunks in the terrain. Some type of organization needs to be set in place. Whether it be for a nether hub, horse farm, Creeper monument, NASA Space Shuttle Launch, something has to be instilled. There has to be open communication, planning and preparation. Some how.

    With that, I leave it to your imagination on how to go about a democratic process of weighing out pros and cons in regards to what, when, how and where to build community projects. If it’s not protected by a residence, it’s ours. We share this world. Let’s make it happen.


    Well I think we’re letting the portal system being on top of the bedrock layer at the top of nether slide, so I dont think ghasts/monsters will be too much of an issue.


    actually building it just below the bedrock line on the top of the nether is what i was thinking which would make pigmen the only problem. Thats my opinion

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