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    Okay first off,I would like to thank whoever who made the Nether Hub,the path to the wither farm etc.

    BUT,this is annoying. I need help.

    First off,400m to the farm,who the heck removed the rails and broke down the walls? I spend almost 30mins finding the wither farm! I thought each exit actually had different farms! Dammit man! Even the farms dont look like a farm anymore,just like a place ..where u can fall to lava because of some players who made random holes.

    Second,I dont know if its just me or,its really hard to set up nether portal. If anyone could help me,it’ll be greatly appreciated. Basically Im trying to have a portal from my house to the nether hub,but i just cant do it.Sometime i get link to a portal that doesnt go back to mine. It so annoying,i cant get it right. If someone can help me,it’ll be greatly appreciated

    Thirdly,About Cynix’s Home, I understand its a public farm,and the iron farm turned into a shop(totally reasonable btw) but seriously,thats a freaking big wheat farm just beside the cow farm,cant you guys just spend atmost 20seconds farming,replanting,breed the cows then kill them? I used to saw the farm full,now I cant even get the leathers! Im breeding and killing one. Just one,sometimes i dont even get the leather ohmygod.



    1. Scotty, Cynix and I set up the Nether Hub. After the initial phase began, we noticed no real use or participation from other players so we pretty much just left it as is. Most didn’t want to help construct it and some that did just did whatever the hell they wanted instead of working together. The tunnels stretch to the zone wall I think, at least a few of them do. A few have some random locations portaled up but for the most part people just /res tp Wither to get to the Wither Area. Again, another area that we kind of said, blah too. We could half slab the whole area around except the fortress, but it still produces a good amount of withers even without that as is, if you’re patient. There’s even a channel on the TeamSpeak Server devoted to the Nether Build. I wouldn’t mind resurrecting the project and working on it again if I could get some support. I think the Nether’s a pretty cool place, but I rarely ever need to go there unless I need quartz. If you’d like to see a change, start asking around in game and on the forums to get some more people involved. There’s simply just too much work and not enough labor. I can’t force 10 people to work on the Nether. Hell, I’ve even offered to pay diamonds and server cash for people’s work and I can’t get anyone involved.

    Linking up portals can be done, but in my opinion, I’d just give up on having them function properly. There are too many too close together and they mess up the link. We spent time trying to correct this, but players would just build more portals where they shouldn’t and start the mislinks again. My thoughts were to build monumental looking Nether Hubs spaced out perfectly throughout the world, but other portals throw it off. The only way to insure it works would be to destroy all other portals, build spaced out portals, and then disable the ability to build more somehow, but that sounds like stepping on toes to me. People would rather build a portal in their base rather than run 50 blocks to enter a nearby one. Even if it were to only take you 7 seconds.

    Cynix’s Home- As with the first 2 examples, some/most players are lazy. If there’s something offered of value for free, whether it be iron, ender farm, cows, blaze farms, people will swarm it and take advantage of it, hurting others that have either built whatever it is or those that wish to use it respectfully. 0 work=100%yield It’ the nature of the best. I’ve complained ’til I’m blue in the face and I’ve just given up. You simply just can’t trust everyone.

    I don’t know what to tell ya bro. I hate it for ya, I go through the same nonsense, but with our current open door registration policy, you’ll just have to learn to shrug it off and move on. We simply cant screen the good ones from the bad ones before they join the server. The more people that join the server, the more often these problems are going to start to arise, so try not to let it get to ya. At the moment it’s just a mild inconvenience. Picture if we had 5 times the players.


    1. Oh i see,good job anyway^^ Btw,if theres a way to reset the nether world region only,it’ll be great if we could.I dont mind helping you guys,but due to timezone problems,i wont be able to help much.But you guys can leave me a message to tell me what job i need to do^^ Alittle help is better than no help! 😀

    2.Oh I see,well i really like having minecarts you know(= I love how mindcrack nether hub works,its really awesome using cartS(big fan here)

    Anyway,How bout we have a system that boost the whitelist effect and the forums?
    Lets say,if one player has been inactive for 4days? He’ll get removed from whitelist and need to apply for whitelist again. BUT,if they have to move house/go on holiday etc.They’ll need to post a forum thread tittled ‘Excused From Whitelist Exempt’? then they’ll post the reason why they need it and the time they’ll need.


    Btw,how do u transport villagers? My villagers die at once =/ I lost quite alot of them already


    Portal linking is based off of map coordinates. You can link up to a portal that is in the same area as you are but when you go back through you will always go back to the first portal that it was connected to.

    About the cows at my place. I was the one that killed them. I was lagging at my residence so I started bringing the entity count down.

    I may setup a separate animal pen a little ways away from my residence so that you can use them and they wont lag my slow computer down.

    We have had a inactivity system in my old gaming group. We may be including something like that soon.

    Villagers can be moved by minecart, but I need to disable the death by minecart feature. That is off now and you should be able to load them up when you try. I am in the process of making a vote for that so that you can toggle the feature.


    Would love to have the whitelist exempt system going on. Maybe we can start it when we go 1.7? (=

    and okay C:


    Btw its still on=/ I lost 3villagers trying..

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