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    Hello, as the poll result shows,
    the “Reset world” is winning so, I would love to see something

    For Spawn:
    Nobody builds anything yet,wait for the roads,town hall etc to be set up. Announcement will be given when its ready for others to build,this keeps the spawn clean and neat.

    For Nether:
    Really,I would love a proper nether hub so if its possible(should be as we are a mature server,-wink-

    For Residential Areas:
    ehhh…i dont know =/ Cant be controlled.

    These are just my suggestions so yea..


    I like them.

    What about residences are you trying to control?


    Well I’ve started wandering around the world since its all going bye bye and I have seen some amazing houses that will be a shame to loose. and I love my house myself obiously, so I propose that possibly we keep the old world along with the new. or possibly have a download of it up for people

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    Update aside, one thing that I have wanted to do since day one is find a way for people to select their build, save it, and download it to their computer in a way that they can load it in their Single player game so that everyone has a way to show off even if they don’t have internet.

    There is a manual process for me to do this but I need to make it automated before I give that option out.

    I will spend some time getting this process coded and see what I can come up with.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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