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    See anything different South of /spawn? Perhaps a nice minecart ride might reveal it to you. Or stretch your legs a bit…

    I couldn’t resist. With the overall support for the creeper/skeleton statues (no one was voting for anything else otherwise), the urge overcame me and I began to build. To everyone who volunteered their labor, but didn’t actually get to stack any of the blocks, I’m truly sorry. You were with me in spirit! When I said this build was a 4 difficulty, it turned out to be more like a 3. Ironically, I did not die one time from fall damage while building either structure, but somehow died once shearing sheep for wool from a sneaky creeper attack. Speaking of Irony, we now have a pet creeper living inside our creeper statue, that I lovingly named Irony. He has a nametag on, so he won’t despawn, although you cant see it through the glass. Trust me, it’s there. Yes, I gave up my prized Name Tag I was hoarding away for this build. That’s how much I love your snotty faces. Irony was a fun catch and a great addition. He guards the TNT… yep, I said it, TNT. Tons of the stuff. I’d politely suggest not to tamper with it, push any buttons nearby it. Best not to look at it. Matter of fact, in the event of a thunderstorm, stay far away from the creeper statue. Like, Denmark far.

    The internals of the creeper are still up in the air for decoration. I’ll bow out of that. The whirling redstone idea still seems cool, but I also thought of a compact in-door parkour chamber up it’s body and into his head. If anyone would like to do any landscaping or trick out the inside, you have my blessing. Speak with Cynix about gaining build permissions. *Serious Note* Seriously, don’t mess with the feet AT ALL. It’s rigged to blow. Seriously. Consider the feet completely off limits. Massive damage and/or most definite death will occur. Serious. For realsies. True Story. Trust. Seriously. I’m super cereal you guys. Srsly.

    After seeing how fast the creeper went up, I attacked the skeleton with a vengeance. It was a faster build by far and was even more resource friendly due to its thinner size and monotone color. I have no idea what to do with the innards of that critter as well, nor the landscaping. Again, I leave that to you dear reader.

    I’d like to personally thank Scott for his kindness and generosity, Ctriana for the huge bundle of blocks, my partner in crime Cynix (3rdShiftas Mudda-Fukkas!), and one of our newest members, Skampp (me ma) who provided insane amounts of wool to me faster than I could even stack it. If I neglected to mention someone, I’m sorry. So many people stopped by to show support and chat that I’ve lost track. Regardless, thank you all. Team Friendship always wins! Always.

    Watch your back for creepers (they’re hard to miss now) and keep stacking them blocks! We’ll see ya next build!


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