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    So I have some thoughts on the future of BS.

    The voting is starting to have some effect now, we have had a minor influx of new players who are actually staying and playing. This is great!

    Now about the PVP line. Here are my thoughts on it. I do not think PVP will ever be done on the main world and here is why:

    Most S-Vanilla survival/pvp are also Raid/grief, meaning that you have to hide your shit underground, and hope nobody finds or raids your base when you are offline as there is usually no chest protection. You also usually only get one sethome and no residency.

    No one will ever PVP on the PVP side of the map also because it is just too easy to /home away or run away in your residence. Also the fact that you can just easily refarm/enchant all your gear/items kind of devalues it even if you did fight someone else to the death.

    And I mean right now even if there were people pvp’ing nobody would want to fight me if I were to go out there with full Protection IV gear, a power V flame II bow, Sharp V fire aspect II knockback II sword, golden apples and strength/HP/Regen potions haha. I’d be invincible.

    So I know Tarqq asked when he was making the PVP line if it should be split or make a whole new world, I thought the line would work but I’ve had a couple weeks to think about it and even if we had 30+ people online everyday it would still go largely unused. I think Tarqq should make another world with some sort of portal at spawn.

    Here is what I’d like to see, and what I believe would increase traffic on the server significantly:

    Another world accessible via a portal at spawn, this would lead to a PVP world spawn. The PVP world spawn would have PVP protection in all directions for about 500-1000 blocks giving players a chance to run away from spawn and not be tailed/chased down and killed before they can get far enough away to start gathering resources to survive and make a base. I believe spawn protection can be done using a factions plugin, I have seen this on other S-vanilla raid/grief/pvp servers. You just set it up so non admins can’t make new factions and put up a sign at spawn saying factions plugin is only for spawn protection.

    No chestshop, lockette, residence, or any other protective plugins.

    Bukkit should still be activated but limited to one sethome

    The world size should be the same as the Non pvp main world, unless in the future it is found to be too small and can be expanded.

    Now here is what I do not know if it can be done or not. Can you prevent items from coming in from the non PVP world? Like everytime you enter the PVP portal to go to the pvp world you have a whole seperate inventory?

    If something like that is not possible then we have pretty much the same problems I listed with the PVP line, people would just be bringing in stuff from the non pvp world and being all invincible and that would get boring fast and would just lead to it being unused.

    The whole fun of a PVP/raid/grief s-vanilla server is that stock piling huge amounts of diamonds/rare goods is dangerous and hard to do.

    So yeah those are my thoughts/suggestions I know it’s a wall of text but I hope you’ll read through it Tarqq.


    Also some minor donation package/options seem to go very well. The last server I played had scaling priced packages offering xp,diamond ore blocks,and varying grades of horse armor starting at 5$ for like 8 diamond ore blocks/a couple thousand xp. They had a donation history on their website and over a few months they had something like 3,500$ racked up from a playerbase of only 50-70 players. So that is also something to consider, but you don’t want the donation rewards to be game breaking.


    Nice posts. Tarq and I will definitely have some good points to discuss thanks to your wall of text.

    I think that a third option to the PVP scenarios you listed may even be to setup a whole new URL address and World for PVP. Maybe instead of That would definitely depend on the demand for it.

    We are working on a donation system and should be able to do some pretty cool stuff with that like quick updates and auto permissions. 😀 We have been discussing donors for a while about what kind of things donors could get with a donation, how much should it be and what kind of permissions are an upgrade but still fair? I was thinking of bringing up a whole new post for that in the near future so that everyone could discuss the options and amounts before releasing so that we could insure a fair and non damaging gameplay. We both like the thought of working for your items so its unlikely people will straight get items for donations but there are many different ways with MineCraft to improve gameplay. 🙂


    I am glad to see the voting is working. We will also gain more players as the forums become active and our search engine ranking goes up.

    I ran into some problems with the portal of going between worlds. I can make a typed command to go between the worlds, but the plugin overwrote the nether portal completely, which is why I deleted the extra world. Perhaps I can make a /warp pvp command instead to do the same thing. It is possible to setup the world so that items are not transferred, but I will need to work on that a bit.

    As for getting items for donation, that isn’t something I am interested in. I like the idea of adding more homes and more in game features for a single donation tier, and have some of the groundwork done to set that up.

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