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    Requests for approval-

    1. I’d like the green light on starting a horse ranch in the near future. Bred horses will be free to own for the server. I envision a large, elongated, wooden (thats what she said) structure resembling a momentous horse stable. The end product should look like the Kentucky Derby with a track and a jump course. Only a prized few of the horses will be restricted, as they are the prime breeding stock and must be protected. I’ve seen a few peoples places that do have horse stables, and that’s fantastic, keep ’em! If you don’t wanna use the ones we make, no hard feelings. But, I would still like your opinion and/or your vote and/or assistance on this. Keeping in mind that super horses are a commodity, I would like to also invite the community to use the chest room I plan on building there. This room will have free bread, sugar, wheat…, but also an area to where you can set up your own mini shop to sell your nametags, saddles, leads, golden apples. It would be a fantastic way for you to sell your products. You can’t top the location. This build is also, yet another attempt to give the community a common place to congregate and have fun.

    2. I would also like to motion for a vote on a monument near spawn, so that anyone new to the server, knows we’re serious. This vote is primarily just say yes or no to whether you want some giant thing blocking out the sky. If this passes, we need to begin a process of filtering individual ideas into 1 common id.

    3. The Nether Hub- I think I can safely say, it’s unanimous. We Want It. I now motion for a committee to be elected to head this project. Admins have finally say. In order to be elected, I suggest anyone interested to build a model (doesn’t have to be huge, just give us something to judge) of their idea on the overworld. Alone. No assistance. Once these people are selected, they can decide amongst themselves the proper schedule, supplies needed, overall look, what have you. Keep in mind, some residences will have to share portals due to portal range logic. Some people will have to move their current one, and they might not be happy about. Elect people you would want looking out for you.

    4. I would like to see more shops near spawn. Perhaps even a strip mall or some other structure to where you could go from one persons place to another. Like a business district. Additionally, I’d like to see more people using them. lol

    5. Villager Breeding- The other day I found a villager selling emeralds for 30 paper. 30 paper=30 sugar=15 canes (if leaving the bottom for farm to regrow), then I found another selling diamond helmets for 7 emeralds. 15*7= 105 cane. You see, with enough of the proper villagers set up for trade, we could actually all end up getting nearly free items. I would like to see a villager trading shop near where the player shops are. We build them a little home and protect them and they hook us up.

    These are my top 5 ideas that I would like to see set in motion, even if I don’t head a committee on any of them. Even if someone else is chosen to build one of these projects without me, I would still very much like to see these things set into motion. Desperately. I would like to see the community’s responses and suggestions. But, mostly, I’d like to see support.

    So, If you are thumbs up on any of these five projects, please, leave a quick comment such as

    1. Yes

    ..if you vote yes to a horse stable.

    If for any reason you find fault with these ideas, vote No. If you think it’s a great idea, but a complete waste of time, vote No.

    As previously mentioned, these are just preliminary votes in order to find interest within the community. We can then move on to a planning phase after. Looking forward to hearing from everyone. Please, in game chat, suggest people use the forums or at least check them. Everyone’s opinion is important. And, again, we do have a teamspeak server if you would like to have a direct conversation. I’m sure some of us have Skype

    Until Next Time-
    Keep an eye out for creepers and keep stacking blocks.



    1: Yes and would everyone be able to help build it? (double checking)
    2: Yes (but what of?)
    3: Yes and I think everyone does and I would love to help build (example if someone gets an idea for what it will look like then we could tweek it if need be).
    4: Working on a shop for mini adventures (W.I.P.)
    5: I think Cyn has a Villager breeding farm.


    1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. Yes
    4. We may make a mall, but with residence being public, someone will eventually build a shop with a popular name and make the tp public. There isn’t that much need. A spot in spawn to list res tp spots is definitely on my list.
    5. I am against this one. There needs to be some incentive for new players to build there own wealth. It’s fine for existing players to build iron farms and trading areas, but lets not make it at spawn which might ruin the thrill new players get building wealth in the beginning. Just my two cents.


    #4- I logged on last night and ran around spawn a bit more extensively. We actually do have a few shops scattered about which is nice. They’re just these big boring looking rectangles sitting in the middle of nowhere though. I’d at very least like to make the area prettied up. Our spawn city looks pretty bland and I feel that potential new players that visit the server will spawn in and go, “Wow, this is an amazing building! Whats East? Oh, 2 giant cardboard boxes. *Snore*” This is also another reason why I’ve been pushing for some sort of monument. I wanna help make spawn efficient and eye catching. Additionally, I’d like to help make spawn more of a gathering place for server members to interact. It seems the current 48 members (i think) rarely ever see one another. As much as I love it, the /res tp option kills an aspect of the game for us. You never have to meet your neighbor if you never need to walk by his house after all. Just my opinion, not hating. As I’ve said before, I’m vanilla vanilla. Not french vanilla, not vanilla with fudge ripple, not hazelnut vanilla. Just vanilla. The closest I come to mods on my own is the John Smith Texture Pack that doesn’t work for 1.6.2 at the moment.

    #5- After thinking about it Tarq, you’re right. I mean, it’s cool to set things up for success for new players, but to out right hand them a way to have diamond gear the first 2 minutes on the server might be a bit much. Perhaps this is a project Chaos Inc. should work on in the private labs.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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