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    Hello dear friends. You’re friendly neighborhood Chaos Shaman here, coming at ya to discuss a few things I’ve had tinkering in my mind. Since white-list is now in effect, I feel much safer building things for the community without the fear of griefing. I would like everyone’s feedback on this post that I can get, as it will help with further decisions down the road. So, in no particular order, let the chaos ensue-

    ~Horse Stables
    I’ve explored a bit and found 2 gigantic plains biomes, untouched by other players. They are filled with quite literally 200 hundred horses. No, seriously. I plan on building a huge horse breeding facility and making a herd of super horses for everyone. The best we will keep as studs so they never die. This will be a huge undertaking. Resources will include massive amounts of gold for breeding. But never fear, gold is infinite. I have a deep hatred for anything zombie, so in the nether, even though they mean me no harm, I kill every pigman I can see. They drop gold. They respawn. Simple. But, as a community, it would help if everyone pitched in so I’m not the only one risking my life dying in the nether over and over so I can breed 40 other people 200 horses. If anyone would like to take on this project or assist in someway, let me know. Phase 2 will begin the construction of a horse track for racing, and a jump course. Ideally, the location would be perfect between the plains biomes where I found the horses, but it’s a jog from spawn. so I dunno.

    ~Auto Farms
    Cynix mentioned the idea of having automated farms at spawn. I think it’s brilliant. As long as we can continue to live and work together as well as we do, the idea is fantastic. “Crap, I’m outta food.” (/spawn), (open chest), “That’s better, a stack of chicken”, (/back). We can do this. As long as we all obey the golden rule and look out for one another. We can make semi-auto wheat farms that stretch to the sky, as long as everyone remembers to replant it for the next guy. We can breed fifteen-thousand cows, as long as we breed more for the next person. Pay it forward, to be cliche’. I’m more than happy to build mini-farms like crazy. I’ll teach anyone who wants to learn, I can supply links (I youtube a lot). Maybe we can even have a contest to see who can create the most compact, highest efficiency machines? The winner’s design can be the one showcased at spawn with a credit.

    Please, whatever you do. DO NOT destroy any spawners you find unless you absolutely have to. Place torches around them to disable them, but don’t break them. Mob Farms are awesome for quick xp and drops. The holy grail for me is skellington spawners. Bones for meal is essential, as well as free bows and arrows. On harder difficulties they even drop enchanted bows and armor. I realize, to each their own, but I like building the things. You never know what that double chest of string will come in handy for until April Fool’s Day and all those spiders eyes will find a home once we make a brewing stand. Zombie Meat is a great snack for your wolf or a quick nom nom for people like me that hate zombies so badly that I eat them back in retaliation. Necro-cannibalism! Back on point- A spawner would be great near spawn if one were found. We could set up an enchanting station close by with an anvil and it would be splendid.

    ~Nether Transit
    This is a HUGE, DANGEROUS endeavor! I would like to make a Nether Hub to where there is a community entrance into the nether, and from there have separate minecart tracks leading to individual homes. Travel in the nether is eight times faster than in the overworld (citation?) so a minecart whizzing through could travel thousands of blocks in a minute, once the person ported back into the overworld. Examples of this can be seen on the Season 3 of MindCrack on youtube. You can even decorate your own tunnel. As I mentioned, this will be a timely, costly, and dangerous build. Builders and volunteers will be very much appreciated, if not down right required for completion.

    ~The Trading Post
    PaulSoaresJr recently built a trading post that uses the honor system. Since we are now a whitelisted server, I would hope we could trust one another. The concept is a building full of chests one above the other. The top chest is for what you wish to trade. Say I have 10 stacks of nether rack and I need obsidian for my next build. I put the 640 nether up top. The chest below is for the payment. This chest has a sign beside of it, listing its payment for trade. We’ll say, 10 obsidian, I dunno. Without any fancy redstone machines or item sorters or complicated payment gizmos, we simply do the transaction by hand, with trust that the other people won’t steal from the chests. I think this would set up a great bartering system and get resources to other people that need them without having to be online at the same time as everyone else to spam the chat for items. In theory, it works, as long as we all trust in the good of everyone else.

    Just a suggestion, but I think it would be cool if everyone had a mailbox on the edge of their property line, so that we can leave mail for one another. A single chest on top of a single fence post so that your neighbors can come over and leave items for you or write in a book. Worst case scenario, if a random person griefs it, you’re only down a chest and a fence post.

    ~A Monument
    Whether it be a battle between a giant exploding creeper and a Skellington, or a huge floating banana smore, I think it would be nice to have a large build close to spawn that serves no purpose other than to look at. A testament of our ingenuity, creativity and teamwork. For this, I’m completely open to suggestion on. If you wanna build the Millenium Falcon, lets do it, as long as everyone agrees. You wanna make the Lincoln Memorial, Sweet! So maybe, we have a vote and decide what would be best and get some volunteers.

    ~A Brewery
    An official brewing plant for making potions. The machine itself, eh- medium difficulty. Resources on the other hand… Farming all of the components to make every type of potion will be time consuming for one person, unless we all pitched in. Otherwise, whoever runs it should receive payment for potions due to the time and risk involved in acquiring the items. Ghast tears always seem to fall into lava.

    ~Giant Mob Farm
    A multi-layered mob spawner that will drop Scareingtons, Creepys, Zambies, and Piders to their death for drops, or switched to be a one hit xp farm.

    These were just a few of the things that have been swarming in my brain. Hope you enjoyed a few. Please, leave comments. PLEASE. Comment! We as a community gotta stick together. Also, we have a teamspeak server, so use it in game. talk with one another. make friends!

    Until next time, watch your backs for creepers and keep stacking those blocks!

    P.S. I love TheBrownCloud’s build. Check it out


    If I join this server I have made nether transit systems before, and practically live in the nether otherwise in single player. Once I get established I will defiantly help with the nether system.


    Love the nether transit idea. Willing to help there I can survive nether pretty easy for long periods. Mailboxes are awesome too. The brewery I like but can see how that could go bad, someone stealing all the potions. I plan to attempt a zombie pigman/ghast/magma cube farmer in nether by half slabbing a HUUUUUUGE portion of nether stopping spawning so they spawn faster in the spawner area, so that will help with tears/gold nuggets/magma creams. Until something like that gets done the brewery would probably just be HP/speed pot dump lol.


    Great Ideas I like the community Builds Idea a lot. Also For the Nether Hub please Go look at the Nether Hub Build Topic.

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