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    I’ve been brainstorming ideas on how to improve the server economy. These are all just random ideas. I don’t even know if they’d work together or not.

    -Admin Commands: Now I know you two are adamant about not wanting to spawn in any blocks, but let me at least raise a rebuttal for the sake or argument. You technically could use your world edit and creative spawning abilities to stimulate the economy. Before I go into the details, I need you to accept many things on the server have already been world edited to move earth or spawned in via the replicating commands. Why not continue doing so, and just charge people for it? No one cares if the admins are rich, because you need the money even less than we do with /commands. Charging for world edit services or spawning in blocks would force people to have to do things to earn more money like opening more businesses, and so on and so on and so on. Now, I think for the service you provide you should charge an outrageous amount for it. That way you can’t really be taken advantage of and that way you also can keep guard on how many blocks you spawn in. If you give the players something they can’t get in the actual game easily, milk them for it I say. I don’t care if someone spent $40,000 to build their house out of sponge. Someone wants to build the Emerald Tower in the City of Oz, sure you can help with that. That’ll be a total of $1.5 million. It’s worth a 5 minute ponder session. I think it’s actually got a lot of potential personally.

    -Monthly Lottery: Sell tickets (written books) with numbers in them and once a month pull a random number, if they have it, they win, if not, the lottery carries over to the next month and the pot grows with last months earnings. The Lotto numbers can be shown in the MotD and posted in the forums monthly. To claim your prize you simply give an admin the book back.

    -Diamond Exchange: I spent 95% of my wealth buying diamonds off of ~Bane. I was the 3rd wealthiest person for a time, one of those three is Tarqquin, the Server banker. Guess who’s the richest now? ~Bane. Selling diamonds is an amazing idea. I dunno why you stopped in the first place. Perhaps the server should go back to selling hard to find blocks as well, as opposed to just buying them. If people start taking advantage, raise the rates. There’s a beautiful gray line between supply and demand that I think can be achieved. If you log on and someone’s bought it out of diamonds, raise the price 100%. Continue until it levels itself off to a manageable level. You can even stockpile items and do monthly sales. Hell, let them spend their entire wealth on diamonds if they want, they’ve gotta earn the money back somehow. I would take diamonds over $$$ any day. Every day.

    -Farms: I can’t believe I’m even saying this, because it’s like shooting myself in the foot… Disable the ability to enter doors to or teleport to places like Blaze Farms, Ender Farms, Skeleton Farms. That way my double chest of blaze rods I have from my own farm can be sold. Ender pearls are practically free if you know how to get there. Enderman are hard as hell to fight out in the Overworld. We’ve got an ungodly amount of ender pearls that someone could have gotten rich off of. Maybe we should just start charging for everything. All the way down to the charcoal farm. If nothing is free anymore, even access to people’s farms, it wouldn’t take long before about a third of the people would start going broke. I really liked the idea of a charitable server where everyone helps each other, but people are taking too much advantage of good people. If we started being cut-throat businessmen, we’d stimulate the economy.

    -Shops: Again, about to shoot myself in the foot… Lift the restrictions on building shops within spawn. Make it more of a shopping district with individual stores every where. Like a real deal downtown city. I think it would improve foot traffic and promote more time being spent within spawn. Also, putting it within the currently restricted area would mean less walking around for everyone since the shops would be closer together, people are generally lazy… I would also help fill in some empty lots since we can’t get people involved in builds. If it were orchestrated and oversaw properly, it would be great, but if players would be let to run on their own, it might be disaster.

    -Admin Sponsored Projects: As you know, I’ve tried making a construction company to get players to build together more often. It’s not really working out, but whatever. If the server offered a similar service on a larger scale or even subcontracted my existing business out we could build large products for the admins. Tarq might wanna see the Star Trek Enterprise in the sky but is too lazy to do it himself, so he offers The Seed $250k to build it, then I hire employees, divide the labor, blue print it out, gather resources and pay them to build. I’ll even oversee the projects so you wouldn’t have to be bothered with the details.

    -Scavenger Hunts: Admins hide a chest with an item in it. The players buy admission to play the game. Admins give the clues, we hunt. When the chest is found, the item is returned and the admin pays the player a prize.

    -Gambling: Either on horse races (Kentucky derby Style) or PvP Arena Matches. Even Archery competitions. I think we need to have monthly, if not weekly games of some sort to not only get the players more involved with one another, but to spend some money.

    (10 minute smoke break)

    -Build More Cities: The more visually appealing buildings and locations you have is a direct factor in the more often people want to build beside of them. FACT. I deal with it every day. I could look at a field and say, “Alright, I’m gonna put a road here, and maybe branch it off to the left at an intersection.” As I’m doing that, *BAM* someone starts building close by. I’ve not even planned where the town hall or whatever important building needs to go where ever yet, I’m still laying down a path and someone has already claimed real estate. I can’t keep up. It is a prove positive fact that if you find a good location and build something beautiful and amazing near it and put a road in front of it, people WILL live there. That means more shops, more res, more things explored and found for trade or sale, more money.

    -Allow for more residences: Currently the limit is 3 and experimentally 5 for donators when/if the server will instate it. As a builder, I request more. I can build 3 amazing whatevers, have them res’ed and landscaped in a day. What then? Become a donator for a mere 2 more? I’ve built a lot of things for the server that I couldn’t get protected or had to put into awkward places in order to protect them. If I had more options for real estate I’d love it. I’d have 30 shops built by now.

    -Raise the price on blocks from .10 to a higher rate. Maybe start off slow and gradually work til you get to a steady rate. 10 cents is rather cheap if you’re rich… ~Bane now has 43k +/-, think of the land he could buy if he wanted, he could own the ground level of a small country. He could buy the sky and fill it with TNT, and block out the sun for miles/kilometers *tips hat to European players* and make a giant mob spawner during the day. He’s a villain after all. Just saying, at the current rate, with the starter cash and one day of voting on the polls (we’re number 23 in our category, out of a bunch, so wtg) I could set up 3 nice res and never need to spend money ever again. Sit around and fish all day. Ride my horse to the next Biome and back. Never do anything ever again. Which brings me to…

    -The Kings: The Upper Class of Banana Smores deserve an area of restricted access where only they are allowed to go. There, they have access to ELITE items that others on the server can’t get. Perhaps this area is Admin sponsored. “Need a silk touch book you say? Oh, that’ll just be 9,500 dollars sir. Thank you for your business. Good day.” That’s give or take a month worth of voting for the serve on the polls for an ordinary player. For the average player, that would be a month’s worth of daily, dedicated voting with every penny saved collected to buy just one single book. Not here on King’s Avenue. To access this level is by invite only and you must maintain a minimum of 1 million dollars in your account at all times or be removed. Maybe build it in the sky and the streets are paved in gold *LOL*, call it Uptown? I dunno, getting carried away, but a fantastic idea regardless. Gives people a reason to try to achieve something. The Millionaires Club. Technically yes, it’s spawning in items for players to buy at a shop, but the admins control the rates, therefore supply/demand, it’s restricted access, and it’s being sold to a person that has earned it. Would you push yourself to earn a million dollars just to prove to someone you’re worthy of buying a book for 10,000 in real life?????? Yes, these people will have cheated in blocks, but wouldn’t you say they’d earned it by then?

    – Build Competitions: Have an entry fee for a specific category of the month and then judge them. Build a large area of the map dedicated to builders and when they enter, they pretty much are renting one plot of land to build on for a month along side their competition. Group involvement. Learn from each other. Better builders. Better builds. The winner gets a prize and their build gets world edited into a more desirable location. The rest are cleaned and the new topic starts for the next month.

    – Games and attractions: The Spleef arena, an amusement park, a golf course. These are great areas to charge admission for, even if it’s just a dollar. Dunno how you would accomplish this every where, but if an area is protected, then a payment system could be set up somehow to open a door I’m sure. I barely touch redstone and I’m positive I could figure something out in a few minutes. If an attraction is cool enough, they might even invite a friend to come see it, then you have a new member as well.

    Time is against me. I have to dash. I could ramble all day. I like writing. LOL.

    Like a suggestion? Hate a suggestion? Have a suggestion? Leave a comment. Let’s talk. Let me help you, help me, help us. Community feedback is essential in the growth and evolution of the server, especially for such an important topic.


    Love it all. High stakes spleef tournament/matches would be fun. Ill probably move my base out of the sphere and just make it a dedicated arena sometime next week when I get home.


    I agree with (or at least don’t oppose) all of Chaos’ suggestions. I definitely agree that shops need to be more obvious around Spawn. The spawn area seems too spread out to me – it takes too much time to wander around. Sign posts would also help.

    Another priority (which Chaos addresses) is to find more things for people to spend their money *on*. Many of the server’s players seem pretty rich. What would be valuable enough to get them to spend their money?

    However, the main problem with the economics is that we need more players on the server to stimulate a vibrant economy – so get voting!


    I would have to disagree with this for once…. I for one am not comfortable with using commands that arnt /home 1 or /tpa player. Of course this is just my view. I personally dont like it when servers have Elite Areas as you would say cause i feel it makes those who spend a lot of time working on the server and then you have so oh you can Buy this enchant for 2$ or something and everyone else has to slave for it. (if you see what i mean) Just my view on this… it isn’t a complete argument cause I am bad at those long rants.

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