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    Hello fellow Smores!

    The long awaited Minecraft 1.8 release has finally been updated on our server. Even though the Vanilla server has been 1.8 for a while now the main server has only been 1.7.10 with the ability for 1.8 clients to play on it. But today we have finally updated the rest of the server to 1.8.

    With this update comes a new real 1.8 map with the same terrain.

    There has been a huge shift in the Minecraft modding community in the last two months. Basically there was a legal DCMA takedown request by a significant modder that forced new base code to be written in order to avoid the legal issues. Adding to the complexity of the process, the update to 1.8 was a major change in the minecraft code. Just a couple days ago the modded server code was brought to a point where we can now release it for you to play on. Please keep in mind that things are not 100% right now. Most of the game features are working, right now the biggest problem is our web based world map. It may be a couple weeks before I am able to get all little bugs fixed and working with the new server but you should not notice many problems. If you do please let me know what is wrong so I can fix it.

    So Smores, here you go. A brand new world with 1.8 and a new dragon to boot. Spawn is open to all to build, Please keep things kosher and don’t destroy. At some point the build permissions for spawn will be limited again.

    Enjoy the new world and happy Holidays!

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