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    i was using some nether portals to get from our nether place to our land place but it went to some ones protected home and im stuck in the portal that has two fence gates in front i cant typ or any thing becuse im stuck in the portal plz help if u can


    Wow that sucks I hope cyn sees this and destroys a fence post/tp’s you out of there.


    We should tell people if they have a nether portal that there is a easy way out of it. Thats my suggestion


    Heard that. You’re the 2nd person to bring this up. Catboy had the exact same thing happen and I didn’t understand what he meant, but now that you’ve both posted, I’m with it.

    I think Cynix is out of town, I think, so I dunno what to tell you about when we can fix the issue. I have no way of getting in touch with Tarrquin other than on the forums or in game to bring this up. I can promise it will be fixed ASAP. Pinky swear. I’ll see to that personally. I know it’s a pain for now, but just please be patient until he gets back. I don’t want to lose you on the server. I don’t wanna lose any of you. You have my oath as a Chaos Shaman that I’ll get you back into the game as fast as I can see it happen. I’m so sorry for you getting stuck. Sounds like torture. 🙁 Keep your head up. Cyn will be back on soon, guaranteed.


    I will be happy to TP you out of the portal and get you back to playing. I am out of town for a few more days but still have access to help you out. I just need to be on console when you are on so that I can tp you out.

    If you could help me find the fenced portals I would even get those gates at least opened. Tell me when you will be on and I will be there.


    oh and my mine craft name is xXFreeLancer9Xx death crusader and deirons friend


    I can come save you if you let me know when you will be on Lance. I rescued Catboy just a little while ago. Otherwise you might have to wait on Cyn to come back.


    ok im stuck in the same place as cat boy i think his cords looked the same


    Here’s how I did it.

    I went to the coordinates, and found a place to build another Nether Portal close by that wasn’t protected. I went through and then had someone destroy the portal behind me. Once in the nether, I found the one that linked to where you’re trapped and went through. Have someone bring plenty of obsidian and a lighter. Two portals may be required (I chopped them down, so yea) On the other side, I threw an ender pearl to get over the gate.

    So, if I’m not on, but you can get in touch with someone, somehow, via Skype, TeamSpeak (reminder, we have a teamspeak server set up for us) or the forums, have them do the same thing and bring extra ender pearls. I know you can’t type while stuck in the portal, but you should at very least be able to hit Q and drop something so you can make room to pick up the pearl. Once you’re freed, just teleport out to a res or spawn.

    I work 2nd shift every day, so I don’t get on until really late at night, so I might not be the best option for you if you’re impatient, but if I am on at the same time as you, I’ll make it my priority.


    ok im on at night most of the time as well


    I’ll be on for the next few hours…


    IM FREE!

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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