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    Okay so I have been having problems at my residence. Just outside I have fields of food. I don’t mind when people take some and replace or rebreed. But others have taken it too far wiping out an entire harvest and destroying a field in the process or leaving the gates on my pens open so all the animals get out.

    At first I was jumping on these instances and calling them grief. But that did not seem to be the case. Someone described it as Raiding.

    So now I am adding No Raiding to our list of rules. But I would like to get everyone’s opinion on what qualifies at Grief and Raiding. As well as what should the punishments be for those two offences.

    Lets get the obvious out of the way.

    Griefing: The act of destroying one’s buildings either directly or indirectly. This can be caused by removing block’s, spilling Lava, or Water where it would cause damage as well as the use of fire to remove blocks.

    Raiding: The act of removing one’s animals or crops.

    IMO in the case of Raiding possession does not matter to me.

    I propose a Ban for the act of Griefing. Without limits. I would really like to have a zero tolerance of Griefing on this server.
    For the act of Raiding a temporary ban of 1 week.

    Please give me your thoughts and opinions. Are these too strict or too loose? How can we better define these? What are we missing? What rule could we add that would help protect you?


    Well on this Topic I agree with the Banning for Griefing as for anything else… i cant think of any at the moment.


    I started Minecraft on my phone.
    I bought it for my XBox
    I then wen all out and got it for PC.
    This game has taken over all of my rec time. I no longer play any other games at all.

    It took me a bit to learn how to play online. I’m not entirely tech savvy when it comes to computers. I didn’t own one for more than 8 years so you can imagine my amazement when I finally got back into online gaming, The rapid evolution of computers and the amazing experience and knowledge of how to program and run them completely baffles me now. But, then here’s Minecraft. Such a simple game. Point, Click, Build. Point, Click, Destroy. Graphics aren’t fancy. Music’s a little elevatory. Built I flipping love it.

    Once I finally got my internet issues out of the way and could finally play online for the first time, after months of playing single player completely isolated, I searched for players to play with. At first, Hunger Games. Then I wanted to actually play and build and hunt and mine and craft and laugh and live with other people…

    Do you know how fucking impossible it is to find a small friendly server???? Its ridiculous. I tried out a Factions server. One day I start work on a sphinx in a desert biome. The next time I log in, I quite literally am in the middle of a giant water pillar, 8 box wide, with 1000s, and I do mean 1000s of TNT blocks flying at me for no Damn Reason!

    I’ve seen the bad side of MC. I’ve played with the 11 year old trolls. I’ve played with the snobs. I’ve built side by side with someone that is secretly hiding TNT in my build JUST TO BLOW IT UP WHEN I’M DONE! I’ve fought an End Dragon in a team, that purposefully, PURPOSEFULLY knocked me off the side into the void, so they didn’t have to share the XP.

    My views on Griefing-
    You sorry piece of shit. I’ll kill you, you’re dog, you’re 5th cousin. I’ll dig up your great grandmother and skull fuck her. (This is an adult server, right? I can get away with my sarcasm to these limits??? If not, I apologize, if so…) I’ll rape your dad, turn him gay, and break up with him, just to break his heart. DO NOT FUCKING GRIEF ME!!!!! I build these wondrous, beautiful things for EVERYONE to enjoy. Me, you, Cynix, CT, Solar, everyone, EVERYONE!!! I build these things FOR YOU! If I wanted them to never be seen or enjoyed by others, I wouldn’t build them on a Multi-player server. I’m your friend, your ally, your cellmate. I have your fucking back. Don’t stab me in mine. I am as loyal as an overfed stray dog. Give me a diamond and I’ll follow you straight through the gates of hell and never question if we’ll make it back. Isn’t that someone you want as an ally? Why would you hurt him?

    So my stance on griefing. No tolerance. Perma-Ban. No rebuttles. In the rare and unlikely event that someone “accidentally” messes up your stuff (ie. hit a red stone wire and now the machine is broke, somehow placed a lava bucket when they shouldn’t <—really?), they should immediately contact an admin. If one is not handy, immediately voice the issue in chat, make a forum post, something, so the problem can be resolved as fast as possible. Admit what happened and try to fix it fast out of respect. If it’s unfixable, some type of restitution should be in order. Regardless, the incident should be logged. If said person has a history of “accidentally broke your tree farm”-itis, they should be removed from the server, out of sheer stupidity, because I think we can agree, no one wants to play with someone like that.

    No one has any reason at all to wipe out a neighbors crops. In real-life do you just hop your neighbor’s fence, dig up all of his taters, wave “Fuck you buddy” at him, and hop back over? Why would you do it here? If you need wheat, by all means, take some, but replant it! Golden Rule people. Honor System. Be cool to me, I’ll be cool to you. What if you were in dire need for… I dunno, leather??? So you run over to your buddies farm, kill every single bit of his livestock, leaving him not 1 cow to breed. What happens when you need it next time? Just steal it again? Raiding, although not as serious, is still a serious issue. Why wouldn’t you want to help your neighbors? Borrow his stuff, replant it so someone else can use it, and he might just make you something else to borrow. Help me, help you, help us.

    I’d like to also point out, this is not a raiding server. This is not a faction server. This is not a public server. If you want these aspects, go elsewhere. The only reason we have residences and lockette systems is to keep griefing and raiding from happening. If everyone could be trusted, these wouldn’t be needed. My suggestion, work towards making these things obsolete. The whole idea of Mailboxes on residences was so I could actually put something in a chest FOR YOU, not to take from it. But I can’t with the residence rules, so I would have to put it in a chest outside of your property. See how silly this is? If I trust everyone else, and everyone else agrees to trust me, wouldn’t the world be a better place?

    I hate Cynix even has to address this. The man has built a giant iron farm and freely gives the shit out like it were acid… candy, meant to say candy there…

    He’s awesome. Don’t screw him over. A happy admin is a happy server. Do Not Piss Off The Admins!!!


    Chaos strikes again! I enjoy reading your posts! wish i could type in thoughts like you do. I enjoy every day hour and minute i play on this server… wanna know why? Cause i can trust people! from that point everything improves. Its like a family but not that squishy but it is a nit together community that enjoys playing with others and helping them if possible.


    Chaos you sir are awesome and I’ll ride with you into the breach any day sir!


    Okay some new additions and more definitive terms.

    Spam: Any quick succession of text more than 5 times in a few seconds would get you kicked automatically

    Grief addition: Intentional damage to others property. Property does not need to be residence protected to be considered grief. Pranks around others buildings draw a VERY fine NON-definitive line.
    Here is how the process is going. If an admin or builder finds grief the admin will first undo the grief and communicate with the builder. The original builder will be the judge of your prank/grief and will have the choice of action or no action. The admin will then make the choice of how long and what action to take based on the incident. Both temporary and permanent bans will be used.

    This is not the end of this discussion either. Consider this topic non expiring and any one can bring up more points.


    so that means we cant prank or we can? I am just curious.


    You can prank but if the pranked party calls foul bans will be handed out.


    Ok I was making sure :).


    if were pranking some1 can we per chance do something like spawn a bunch of chicens in a hole to make noise but give them something say an diomand shovel with efficiency V to find them? basically can we do something like a prank but end up giving them something as a “reward” to balance out the sketchy parts of the prank?


    That sounds like a great idea. Or if you know them make it a funny prank they will enjoy.


    Ok i want to give some ideas,

    First of all, Some people havend been online for some long time, and since they have build something, the residence stays. Thats why i want to have a rule that gives admins right to delete the builds that they left behind.

    I was thinking about: 45 Days not online, build(s) can be gone.
    (or is that to short/fast?)

    There should be a rule that tells how a shop around spawn ”not” should look,
    like ”No cube like plank buildings”. (Like the building of Zackownz. (Sorry zack).

    Think about it, think with me.


    The Current Vote

    Admins allowed to spawn mobs in places such as an arena

    -Valid Unbiased Points
    1. It’s your server, do whatever you want. You don’t need the player’s permissions for anything. Do whatever you think benefits the server for the long haul.
    2. Can players then request for mobs/mob spawners to be spawned into the game? Better legitimate question, for how much? Seems fair if they pay for it.
    3. Spawning a creature in creative mode seems okay. Why not blocks? (Which I’m personally against, but I have to play devil’s advocate…) But, how far do we stray from vanilla? We can already alter the day/night/rain cycle and teleport, create indestructible buildings, make our belongings locked to everyone, and are immune to creepers. If we spawn in our own creatures now instead of actually doing the work to get them there, whats the difference in blocks?

    All speculative rhetoric.
    I’m actually for the idea.


    1. If I do whatever I want most people will just leave. (I see massive fireballs and lots of innovative ways to kill people.) So I stick to agreed upon rules.

    2. When I wrote the question I was thinking of mini games for players to test themselves against a mob. My intent for this change is not to allow players to easily build massive farms for items but for arenas for fighting.
    3. Again here the intent is not to gather items but for mob fighting. Timing of mob release and types of mob fights would be tough to do without some creature spawning.

    Previously a poll was held for the removal of residences who’s creator has not been on in a long time. This motion passed unanimously 8 to 0. This will be the rule:
    If a residence that is not being used, has passed its usefulness, and the builder has not been online for more than 45 days (website absence) then an admin can put the property up for sell at a fair value at the time of listing. If property has a chestshop unsold materials will be returned to the owner if possible. Property listing is at the sole discretion of the admins and moderators.

    If the new vote about mob spawning is passed the rule will be along the lines of:
    Builders may request for mob dispensers if they build a suitable arena for mob fights. The purpose of the mob fights must not be for resource gathering and item pickup will likely be blocked. Arenas should have some kind of scoring system and must be for public use.

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