Hi, My nick name is Heart, and I'm new here.

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    This is the first time that I have posted on this server. I am a new member who decided that I should go out and search for a server that is ‘friendly’. I tried really hard on my old server to make friends with everyone and also to try to help others and be as friendly as possible. The server that I was on had some really great people on it, but there were also a large group of people who liked nothing more than to insult people and cause problems. They’re the ‘regulars’ who I find do their best to label people and make judgments and hurt people’s feelings all day long, and while I have pretty thick skin, I do wear my heart on my sleeve and do find that I can only take so much before I just don’t want to be around people like that anymore.

    I think that server is going in the wrong direction. Considering the moderator would rather just say “you’re all adults, learn to ignore people like that” thus those people are protected, and nothing will be done.

    I can’t change people, and I don’t want to start problems anywhere that I go, so it’s better for me to just move on and find somewhere where the people are kind and do act like thoughtful adults who are interested in making friends and treating people nice rather than making enemies and treating people horribly.

    Anyways, so this is me. I’m learning about Minecraft. My daughter is the one that bought it for me to prove to me how fun it was. I’ve been playing off and on for about 2 years I guess. I hope to get creative here, make a few friends. Laugh a bit, and help others with their builds. Whatever I can do to feel part of a community that is kind.

    My name is Rhonda, but I go by “Heart” and I am from California, 44 years old, I will be applying for a Graduate program in the fall, so I have until January to play MC and have fun… (taking a break from school-just got my Bachelors Degree)…. I really would love the fun, and relaxation too. I’m a casual player, just looking to join in here.


    Rhonda aka Heart


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