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    Below is my personal letter to our previous hacker, sent to him on his youtube account, email, minecraft forum, Skype, planet minecraft link, and 3 other sites. I spammed every single way of contacting him I could find. My sword may be dull, my shield may be dented, but here I stand to defend you. A knight in tarnished armor. Enjoy.

    My Dearest InVet (yes, I realize I’m spelling your name wrong),

    I know you probably didn’t think you would ever hear from me, but here I am, your old nemesis, TheChaosShaman from BananaSmores server… you know, the one you hacked the other day. I was just wanting to write to you and point out that when I said, you’ll be found, that it wasn’t an idle threat. You see, I’m a grown adult, not a teenager, and with that comes maturity. See, here’s the part where I could tell you that I have your IP address and that hacking is a federal crime, but since you’re just a kid, it’s your parents who would have to serve the time. Again, I know that sounds like an idle threat, but, hear me out. With your IP address, I tracked you to your internet service provider, Optimum. With the logs that you failed to delete, I actually have PROOF you hacked our server. With that proof, I could very well call them up, get your parents info and press charges as well as have them permenantly shut down your internet. I’ve also researched the logs and found out exactly what you did and could very well go to your druggycraft server and wreck it completely to where you would have no option but to shut it down. Oceans of lava, trees become creepers, a 1000 EnderDragons on the OverWorld, that sorta thing. But then, I’d be no better than you, would I? You see, you were too goddamn stupid that you actually went to a hacker site and actually wrote down your name on it, AS WELL AS YOUR INFO. Seriously, how dumb are you? I can hunt you down on your enjin servers, village survival, the whole deal. In addition, you’ve made a name for yourself on youtube and I’ve reached out to the other people that have posted vids of you hacking. Theoritically, I could probably bring about 100 people to your servers, grief the shit out of anything and everything you have ever made, and unlike you, actually delete the record. It would be so much FUN!!! But, again, Im not a teenager. I’m a grown man. I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you, a dumb ass child from brooklyn (yes, i know your street address as well), that your actions have consequences. So, no matter if you’re playing on XBOX (got that info too by the way) or going by ivniky, ivniky123, IvNet or fireblood123, I can find you. So, I’m just going to let this go like this, if you ever log on to our server again, I’ll have your parents (supposing you have two) jailed. If you show your face again, I will have everyone of my XBOX friends troll you til the day you die. If you even so much as think about typing the word Banana in an address bar, I will destroy you. You’ve made an enemy, a very cold, calculating, menacing one who holds tightly to grudges. Do not underestimate me. You have been warned. And by the way, I understand why you do what you do now, I’ve seen your adventure maps and you fucking can’t build a goddamn square out of square blocks. You fucking suck. Just read your reviews, everyone agrees with me. You only have an 11 percent approval rating! You are not good at this game AT ALL. Hence, why you destroy peoples things that actually are good. It makes sense now. Because you don’t have any skill at all and want to ruin people that do. I’m letting you off so easily. I believe in forgiveness in this life. you’ve not reached the maturity level yet to actually know right from wrong, perhaps you just have horrible parents. Regardless, this will be your final warning. If you so much as try to look at one of my friend’s builds again, I will end you. Got it Junior? Good. With that, I bid you a wonderful life full of joy, God knows you’ll not accomplish it on your own. I am TheChaosShaman, beware my wrath.



    Well then. +1 on list of people NOT to fuck with. Bravo Choas you got my respect brother.


    Darn,imagine if his looking for banana cake or some sort of reciepie that has ‘Banana’ he cant do it. Sucks to be him C:


    Part of the reason i like Chaos I trust him.

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