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    Ok, someone has to be the bad guy. I’ll let it be me. If I offend, I apologize.

    Everyone cannot have a Nether Portal at their base. Tough titty. Get over it. Nether Portals only function properly if they are properly spaced apart from one another. I’ve went through 5 separate ones now that all lead back to TheBrownCloud’s place. This is not how they are supposed to work. Everyone has built them too closely together, completely defeating the purpose of having a portal back. In addition to this, someone (dunno who or I’d already fixed this myself) has set up residence protected fences in front of their portal so when people come from the nether into the overworld, they can’t move. The fences (which can’t be destroyed) prevent the player from jumping over them, and since you haven’t officially left the portal yet, you can’t step back in it to leave either. While in a portal, chat is disabled, making teleportation impossible. Essentially, what you’ve done is created a player trap hampering their ability to interact and play the game. Although I feel this wasn’t done on purpose, this is technically low level griefing. If players can’t actually play the game, they will quit. So to whom it may concern, take down your fence ASAP!!! This isn’t a suggestion. It’s not fair to the other players. I have no authority over you, but I think it will be a near unanimous vote from the server that the fences should be removed.

    Secondly, This nether business is getting me pissed off. SOMEONE step up and take over the project so we can get this shit resolved finally. I’m tired of porting to Cloud’s place when I’m trying to get home. I’m sure other people are as well. If we’re just gonna throw portals down wherever we want, then everything’s gonna get fucked. Man up, help build the nether hub ASAP. I’m giving you guys a few days for someone who understands portal logic, blast resistance, and has an eye for good builds to step up and come up with a plan. Otherwise, I’ll do the damned thing myself and you’ll not have a say so in where the portals go at all.

    When simple, easily avoidable problems like this happen, they need resolved. It impedes the value of the server the way it is.

    I’m 100% serious. Someone man up, or i’ll chop down every obsidian rectangle I see that I think is a problem. Call me a griefer if you must, but someone’s gotta be the hall monitor around here. When it comes down to my friends not being able to play the game I love because other people are greedy for portals, something has to be done.

    I love you all. I enjoy my time with you. But, enough’s enough. Shit’s getting real now. Let’s fix this crap once and for all.



    Thanks Chaos And what you said about the Nether Hub is correct although I would have started on it Sooner I have had some complications In Real life as well as gathering Materials for it. If I am on the server Chaos please talk to me about it. I want to get it done as much as you. AS always I don’t mean any disrespect by this.


    What’s your in-game handle Fade? I’m TheChaosShaman. We’ll get some people on top of this and begin work in the next day or so.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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