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    Hey! Sketch out and post spawn ideas here!

    Heres mine!

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    So how high is it?  Do you think the clouds will block some of the view if it’s too high?  I’m thinking of how the clouds effect your Thor’s Tower on the inside…  Also what method do you propose for newbies to leave the spawn area and get to the ground?


    I was thinking that cloud level might be just below the bottom of the platform.    There might be little lakes to jump into  at the bottom. perhaps a ‘trampoline’ with the new slime blocks, depending on how that ends up working.

    Of course they could always take the stairs/ladder down the center if they like


    Looks nice, and the bottom should be clouds then… so when you walk, you dont have the clouds bothering you / in building etc.


    The problem with big spawns is that if someone logs in for the first time, and can’t walk around because of so much chunk lag on their end, they leave, not thinking they can do anything on the server at all because of that lag.


    As I’m sitting here in the cathedral, it wouldn’t be hard to make 2nd level and 1st level shops with all the gates going to the outside…  I guess it depends on shop size, etc… but this goes back to whether you are looking at individual shops given a certain ground space (10 x 10?) or building a structure like a cathedral and having 10×10 spaces for rent?

    I still like the general layout of the Pentagon, 5 sided and provides the shortest walking distance if spawn was set in the center.  From Wikipedia: It is possible for a person to walk between any two points in the Pentagon in less than seven minutes.

    Now Minecraft doesn’t do anything but square good, but I’d still focus on a ring layout with the spawn in center.  Thinking of the Cathedral, spawn could be right where the flower design is in the middle of the floor.  Just some ideas…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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