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    I’ve had some computer problems as of late. I own two computers. One of which is so slow, it’s impossible to play MineCraft with because I only get about 12 FPS and only 2-3 in areas of high lag, making it extremely dangerous to fight mobs. It’s hard to hit something when you can’t move properly. The other one, which is a much much faster computer that averages over 50-60 FPS, has insufficient RAM and will shut the whole computer down due to it using up every bit of the RAM for the graphics card. So, I’ve not been on a lot lately. I hate it. I feel like I’m going through withdrawals. I need my fix, but until I can buy enough RAM to upgrade, I’m kind of stuck. The faster of the two was a custom built computer, but it’s now 7 years old and the RAM that is compatible with the graphics card is very hard to come by now and therefore very expensive. Life sucks 🙁

    BUT, I’d still like to talk about a concept that I’ve come up with that I think would make an amazing base for anyone willing to invest the time. So, if you’re bored or interested, read on. Grab a snack, it’ll take a few minutes to read over all of this.


    Step One- Find a spawner

    Preferably a skeleton spawner, as we will need the bonemeal in bulk. I’ve even found a seed that has 5 spawners near each other (within 30 blocks). There are 2 zombie spawners and a skeleton spawner all sharing a wall with each other. Yes, a triple spawner!!! So standing in one location will cause all 3 to spawn. EPIC, right! Also, a few blocks away, there is also another zombie spawner and a cave spider spawner. This area will be our main base of operations. But, for the sake of this blog, we’ll assume you’ve only been lucky enough to find one spawner to use. Again, preferably a skeleton spawner if possible. Our first step is to locate this and then create an XP farm out of it. Simple enough. The 5 dungeon spawner I found is perfect, because I can even use all the string to turn into wool later. I’m only planning on using the 2 zombie spawners and the skeleton spawner for XP since they’re so close together. They’ll be easier to integrate that way, and I can kill them all with splash potions of healing. Don’t worry about the gold and melons, we’ll get to that in a bit. But, consider the spawner the center of your base. Set up your storage areas, crafting tables, furnaces, brewing stands, enchantment tables and anything else you need around this area. The trick is to be spawning mobs the entire time you’re within your base moving around.

    Step Two- Iron Farm

    Docm77 has posted an iron golem farm on his channel his friend JL came up with. For an example of it, go to Cynix’s base and you’ll see the design. Or, here’s a link…  What we want to do now, is measure out the area so that way the two towers are on either side of the skeleton spawner, with the spawner focused in the middle. It won’t matter if the iron golem farm is built underground. If you wanna be an over achiever, double up your iron farm again, and put one on all four sides of the spawner. The amount of iron then produced would be more then you would ever need. You would have to give it away you would have so much. One tower will average a golem every minute and a half, so if you quadruple the amount of farms… you get my point.

    Step 3- Gold Farm

    As you could see from the video and if you’re hopefully still following my concept at this point, there will be a large area in the middle intersection of the 4 iron farms where our dungeon spawner is located. Now, above the spawner, we build a multi-level OverWorld gold farm. With the benefit of being able to make nether portals larger, this will greatly benefit us in our design. Using trap doors, we can trick the golems to walk off of the obsidian and fall to a central collection point. Since we have more metal than a Metallica concert, we can fill up the kill chamber with a large hopper floor and then fill it with Iron Golems, as zombie pigmen do not attack golems, but the golems attack pigmen. Now, all zombie flesh, gold nuggets and crappy weapons (where do these pigmen get all of this gold from anyway?) will drop to the floor, link through the hoppers, and then collect in chests. Note that up until this point, not one redstone dust has been used… Awesome!

    Step 4- Vegetable farms

    Now along our main base level, we plant farms of every type. You can go crazy with your redstone as much as you like now, or keep it simple and harvest by hand, but for efficiency, you should probably redstone those bad boys up. There are tons of fantastic designs for semi-auto and fully automatic farms. For instance, your pumpkins and melons can be linked to a bud switch so when they grow, a piston extends, breaks them and retracts, until the next one grows, and with our infinite iron, we can link up hoppers once more to collect the drops. ZERO effort on our part. Sugar cane farms can also be linked to a clock, a daylight sensor, or a trigger from a redstone signal and push a piston so that the same outcome will occur. I’ve also got another fantastic idea for the redstone that we will get to in a few more steps. Cactus can be made fully automatic as well if you just wanna have some handy. Your vegetables require replanting, so technically, we can’t fully automate this, but we can automate the harvesting system by using a water flood. Don’t worry too much about the wheat, carrots and potatoes… I’ll get to that soon, but if you just want to have a surplus, this is the area to do it. Anything you need to have growing, should be around your dungeon spawner for two reasons. First, it’ll be close by to replant and since you’ll be in the area, they’ll grow faster. These farms can be located on the corners of the base between the Iron Farms if you wish.

    Step 5- The Mini Farm

    Our buddy Etho came up with this a while back ago, and I love it. I build one of these in almost every world I play on. It’s compact, easy to use (once you get the timing right) and yields tons of food with little effort at all. The best thing is, it’s so compact that it can live right beside of our skeleton farm, which gives us all the bone meal required for the fuel!!! So, while you’re waiting to collect up enough skeletons for xp, you can stand at this farm and get food as well. Hell, tape your mouse button down and walk away if you would like!

    Step 6- Cows, Pigs, Sheep

    Unfortunately, there’s no way to automate how we feed them so they’ll breed, but as mentioned with our 2 previous steps, we will have vegetables in bulk and probably never run out. Therefore, the first thing you do when you return home to your base is breed your animals, slaughter their parents (MUHAHAHAHA), and then go to the main base area again. Before you leave, the young will have likely grown up since you’re nearby and they stay loaded, then just breed and kill them again. These farms can be built on the corners of your base between the iron farms. See, all available room is being used, nothing is wasted, and everything stays loaded in…

    Step 7- Automatic Chicken Farm

    This too is quite compact, if not noisy, and can be housed in your main base. There are multiple designs, but I suggest finding one that has the option to control the output. Yes, automatically cooked chicken is great, but what if you want uncooked chicken (we’ll get to that too), or eggs?? Having a toggle-able chicken farm is best for our needs.

    Step 8- Tree Farm

    With all of this bonemeal, we can build a tree farm by the spawner and use dispensers and a piston wall to stock up.

    Step 9- Make a pond

    Near your spawner, dig a deep hole and fill it up with water. Now as you’re stacking up mobs for xp, you can stand their and fish to kill time. Hopefully even spawn in squid for their inks!

    Step 10- VILLAGER TRADING!!!

    I want to take a moment and point out all we have done so far and how it brings us to this step. By standing in one location, we have successfully created enough surplus in our base to trade whatever we want with villagers. With the exception of a few items, we have EVERYTHING we need to trade. We would need string for trade, but my super 5 dungeon spawner takes care of that, but if you’re gonna build this and don’t have access to a spider spawner, you might just have to live without this one. Build an area to store your villagers in near your spawner. We have uncooked meats for the butcher, crops for the farmer, iron and gold for the blacksmith, leather for the leather worker, paper (sugarcane) for the librarian, zombie flesh for the priest, wool for the shepard… This is amazing. With the exception of string, ender pearls and coal, we have every single item used for trading close by and hopefully stock piled. With these items, we can now get FREE DIAMOND armor, weapons and tools. FREE lapis for repairing. FREE glowstone (No Nether! YEAH!). FREE enchanted books, etc. Did I mention it’s FREE!!! Just for trading… technically, not free then… regardless. By simply entering your base and going about your day, you are creating enchanted diamond gear in a sense. No caving, no risk of creepers, no ghasts. No risks, all rewards, just for going home!

    Step 11- Ultra XP

    If you want to, you can even rig up your iron farms and gold farm to storing the mobs instead of instantly killing them. With all of the free gold and melons we can make splash potions and kill the zombie pigmen. With the proper system, you could weaken the golems down to one hit and throw a harming potion on them. I wouldn’t really suggest all of this though. I totally agree that it’s another amazing source of XP and that we could get crazy amounts of XP levels just by being in our base, but just think of all the lag it will cause. But, perhaps rig up a system to where we can toggle auto-kill on or off. It’s simple enough to trap a mob using a piston.

    Step 12- Mad Scientist

    Most of this concept can be done without redstone with the exception of a few simple machines that are easy to build, even for a beginner. NOW, comes the fun stuff. Trip wires can be added to the iron golem, pigman or skeleton spawner drop areas. Every time a mob falls, it will hit a trip wire and create a pulse. That’s right. FREE ENERGY. No clocks required. 2 iron towers will produce at least one golem every minute and a half (citation required), so 4 towers would average 1 every 45 seconds. True, it wouldn’t be an accurate clock, but regardless, using the gravity of golems dropping would create a pulse and from there you redstoners can use the pulse to link up automated machines to do whatever you wanted.


    So, that’s my concept. I plan on recording progress updates as I make this. It’s gonna be a huge under taking, but in the end it will be worth it. Personally, I’ve never seen a video of a base rigged up like this. I think if it were done properly, it would take the game to a new level. If you have any ideas, improvements or suggestions, please leave a comment!!! I’d love your input.


    Watch your backs for creepers, keep stacking blocks



    Good plan and layout. I think I would build a wood farm earlier and wait on the gold farm, but thats just me.

    EnchantedKing has a really good idea. He built his animal farms quite a distance from his main base connected by a minecart track. That prevented his computer from having problems loading too many entities at once and kept his FPS up. I think I will be implementing this idea in my next base since my animal farms kill my slow computers ability to play.

    With the Ink pond you should try to get ImFluffyDews input. He made a pond with a fall space and signs under the water and going up at regular intervals. The effect of this was that squids fell out of the pond after spawning and then would fall to their deaths. A surface version could provide additional fishing benefits.

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