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    This thread is for you to add purchase orders for supplies. If you have a specific item you want sold or can’t find, post a comment here, and I’ll get on it right away. Remember, large orders receive massive discounts.

    Also, you may make a comment requesting The Company’s services for a build (we also do demolitions). We love building and we’re here to prove to everyone, we’re the best. Get in touch and I’ll chat with you about options, materials, time table and payment. Once we’ve agreed on a price, we’ll sign a contract in game and get to work.

    Looking forward to stacking blocks!


    So you take orders for Blocks to? If so…

    1-2 Stacks of glowstone

    2-4 Stacks of Bookcases (not hard to get just annoying.)

    1 Silk Touch book (not needed but wanted)

    Price: Well We can talk about the price.


    Yes, we most certainly do accept purchase orders.

    So, let’s haggle-

    As you know, glowstone is incredibly hard to get due to the environment and ghasts in the nether. I can/will get you 2 stacks of glowstone (i’m assuming dust, I’m without a silk touch pick myself). For 2 stacks of glowstone I would typially charge 4 diamonds due to the dangerousness of the situation, but since you have went through the proper channels and contacted me directly via the forum, half off. 2 diamonds for 2 stacks of glowstone dust. I believe this is a more than fair trade, but as always, I love negotiating, so if you think you are getting cheated out of loot, say so, and we’ll haggle further.

    2 stacks of Bookcases are simple to get for you, although time consuming. 64 to a stack times 2= 128 times 3 books per block= 384 leather… bunch of dead cows. Lots of killing and breeding, as well as wheat farming for the food… How about a 8 diamonds at a 50% discount. 4 total

    So your total will be a payment of 6 diamonds altogether. If you agree, we can move on to the paperwork stage next and I’ll go over the contract with you. Additionally, I require half of the payment in advance.

    Silk touch- I need one too, BAD. I have kimmy trying to find me one, but to no avail. I may take up my own bookshp and grind like crazy. Free market economy afterall…. I’m paying 3 diamonds for a silk touch book.

    Gimme a message back and let me know.

    Also, Could you install a mailbox near your res? I’m gonna build a post office soon…


    Fade- Your order is complete. Please contact with a time for rendevous. Have payment and inventory space ready. If only we had a post office…


    Ya that is true. I will get on asap


    Another Order for the Rob– Chaos.

    4 Stacks of Spruce Logs
    16 or 8 Blocks of Gold (optional)
    1 Stack of Glowstone Blocks (optional)


    and 32 slime


    Contract is in your mailbox.
    Supplies are awaiting your signature and payment.
    Whenever you’re ready, they’re yours.


    Thanks again my Robot Friend :). Ill take a look ASAP.


    Forgot to mention if i lend you a silk pick for the glowstone would that make things cheaper?


    If you give me that silk touch to keep, we can shake hands, and just forget about the price altogether…

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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