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    1) I like the fact that people say hello when you log in, which reflects the friendly nature of the server in general

    2) I like the fact that the people who’ve resigned seem to still be about

    3) I like the fact that the server admins are friendly and ask people how they’d like the server developed

    4) I enjoy Chaos’s long rants on these forums, but I’m not sure where to start with a reply.

    5) I haven’t heard of, or experienced, any griefing since I’ve been here

    6) It goes well with cheese


    Response to Topic

    1: Yes
    2: Yes
    3: Yes
    4: Very very Yes
    6: Ummm?


    I like that this server has better uptime than most other servers.

    I like that the members are friendly and that everyone acts mature on our server.

    I LOVE that some of those who join invite their Family to come play. That really says to me that something is going right.

    I also really like that we have new players all the time. We have only been a group for a short five months and we already have almost 120 members. I cant help but be proud of the group that we have become so far.


    And the close community


    That it definitely doesn’t take away the rights to free speech.


    1)Friendly & helpful community!
    People do say hello when you join and bye when you leave.If you got a pigmen problem or something,people offer to help(:
    2)Admins are really active and participate in events.
    3)Rules are made up by Community and not admins.
    4)Griefings are rare
    5)Mature community.
    6)Everyone’s like a family,no arguements.
    7) /vote day definetely.
    8)You can AFK almost as long as you want,which really makes it helpful when gathering skeleton at a xp farm.


    im glad fade had me join at first i did not like this sever because we had a defrent server where we had every thing. but yeah the people on this server are way more friendly pluses no griefs. so yeah im glad he made me join.


    Oh and i forgot to add another reason I like this server…
    Griefers get tracked down… literally by chaos
    Thanks man 🙂


    I like the website now… it looked too plain before.


    The new looks, I like it.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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