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    In the next few days, I will begin working on and complete a KFC style restaurant (restorunt, restara…. whatever) not too far from spawn. Except it will be TCS- The Chicken Shack. Much of the build will be merely for looks, but it’s function is to breed, kill, and cook the chickens for you without any work on your behalf. This will be a fast build. I’ll probably knock it out within 3 hours or so (I take lots of breaks).

    The Horse Stables will begin construction within the next week. Crazy amounts of wood will be needed, so I’ve already begun stock piling oak. Additionally, I’ll need hardened clay (red Stained) for the build. Construction will likely take a few game sessions due to it’s massive size. Planning on at very least housing a hundred horses for you guys. There will also be a shop built in to buy and trade your horse goods. If anyone would like to help build, please, by all means, jump in. This will be a large project. Additionally, if you don’t know much about horses, they’re breeding, or mechanics, this will be a great opportunity for you to learn. Donations gladly accepted. Oak, clay, and golden fruit are in high demand.

    And now for my fun build:
    These poor zombies. They used to be people ya know. But now they’ve turned evil and are shambling around all upset and hungry. Hunger so ravenous they turn cannibal. These poor sods are destined to roam this seed hunting down their friends and loved ones to eat them and/or die in a blaze of fire when they look at the sun (hey, at least they don’t sparkle, fuck Twilight). But not anymore!!! Chaos Inc LLC has gotten word back from its test lab that they have discovered a CURE. It’s still in its infant stages and can only cure zombie villagers at the moment (sorry derpy Steve). The funding has been approved and Chaos Inc is pleased to announce the upcoming construction of a treatment and research facility. This project is still in Alpha Testing and a set construction plan has yet to be announced. Keep up with the upcoming ZEMA (Zombie Emergency Management Agency) posts on the forums for details and any way you can be of service.
    “Chaos Inc.- Making sure that even zombies can enjoy a brighter tomorrow”

    Lastly, I haven’t heard any new chatter about the Nether Hub Project. Somebody’s gotta take the lead. If you guys want it, start chatting it up.

    Thanks all

    Keep an eye out for creepers and keep stacking them blocks!

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