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    A wishing well has been built East of spawn on the right of the Arena. It’s a cute little place where if you go there, make a wish and toss in one gold ingot, fate will give you back an item to help you with your destiny. Please note, wishing for a diamond pickax probably won’t result in one, but you might receive armor to help you go find one. Who are we to question fate? I don’t ask the leprechaun that lives in the bottom of the well questions, I just give him gold, he gives me loots. He’s good in my eyes.

    The fishing pond has been started beside of the Nether Hub and will continue to evolve as I play. Its going to become much larger eventually. I’m trying to teach myself landscaping and I’ve found that if just stare at an area long enough, it creates itself in my mind. So, I want to picture this tranquil little spot with a dock and such. Anyways, 1.7 update will have a large improvement to fishing so I’d like for people to use this. I know there’s water everywhere in the world, but it would just be nice to see people casting off their lines in this little micro-climate.

    The Seed Builders is now open. Come in and shop. I currently have a limited supply, but there’s still a lot of variety. It’s pretty time consuming opening a store like this, so I’ve not completely stocked all of the shelves yet. Be patient with me. I’ll get there. Additionally, I’m going to make another forum post so you can directly contact me with requests for large amounts of items or what else you need in the shop. Remember, I’m a business man. I’m out to make a dollar. So, if you use this forum I’m making with purchase orders for bulk amounts, I will cut you bargains at competitive prices. I will not be undersold. Also, I would like for people to use this forum to hire me out. I would love to build something for you that you will love. Do you gotta lotta land you need removed, but don’t wanna? I’m your guy. Need a forest clear cut? Look no further. I’m here to help you do whatever you need, cheap. Give The Seed some love. I would actually like it if this were my “full-time job” on the server to be honest. /res tp ChaosInc

    Speaking of The Seed Builders, I’m looking for sub-contractors to work for me and I have TONS of work for you to do on all experience levels and pay scales. Wanna earn a diamond pickaxe for an hour of work? Step into my office. I have literally 100’s of jobs planned and nowhere near the man-power to produce them all in a timely fashion.

    Skampp is nearing completion on the /res tp SquareMoonRanch Get in touch with her in game about buying and breeding horses. It’s a huge facility and actually pretty easy to find on horseback if you wanna ride home on one afterwards. I’ll start work on the horse supply store inside, once she’s completed it. I’ve been hoarding horse items since I started the server. Several sets of diamond, gold, iron armors and more saddles than you would ever need. Nametags, leads, you name it, I got it and tons of it. If you have a unique horse, interesting color patterns, or amazing physical traits of running, jumping, or strength, I would like to pay you to come breed your horse with ours. Also, I’d like to begin work on the horse race track now, so if anyone wants to stud their animals out for loots, get in touch in game or through a forum post. In game mail would work too.

    Oh yeah, Mail. I want to start installing mailboxes at people’s res. I don’t have the ability to manipulate your residences so I’m pretty much putting them just outside of the border of your res. If you would like one in a specific location, you can always install it yourself where ever you like. If you’re worried about the res protections, just put a sign on the side of it with an Everyone labelled on the 3rd line so we can all open it. I actually do use the mailboxes. I used 2 last night actually. It’s honor system based, but the real mail kinda is too when you think about it. Don’t worry about it, Cyn can find out who takes what and fix the problem. Just have trust in your neighbors. The bad ones will be weeded out. Mailboxes are simply a single chest on top of a fence post. Let’s try to stay with that theme so it will be recognizable to everyone. I’m also trying to figure out how to make a post office in downtown spawn. Hell, I’m even tinkering with the idea of being a postman on the pony express and actually delivering it to everyone. I have several ideas, but the easiest for me would be for whoever wants a post office box, to come to the post office when it’s finished and claim yours by placing a lockette sign on the one you want. That way, no one can open your box but you. Plus, you only have to type /spawn and walk a block to get your mail everyday. Some support needs to be shown on this. It bums me out to have fantastic ideas like this one that everyone can benefit from and then see no one using it. If you want it, I’ll build it. If you say nothing, you’ve voted no.

    An archery range will probably be my next small build. It will have several distances and targets that light up. It’s completely free for everyone’s use, but I do plan on opening an archery shop across the street from it that will sell Regular bows, enchanted bows, arrows, arrow and bow making supplies, uh… you get the point. A Fletcher shop. So, the range is free, the supplies to use it aren’t, so bring your own, or drop in for a bargain. As an added perk, if you contact me in some way, I’ll even teach shooting lessons. I’m not the best PvP-er, but I can pat myself on the back and say I’m a damn fine archer. I can teach you tricks and tactics to help you win any engagement with a bow. Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back. This build will probably go up within the next day or so. Look beside the arena for progress

    East of spawn is in a development stage. If you would like to help customize our world, now’s your chance. We’re looking for ideas. Mini-games. Prizes. Donation areas. If you’ve got a great idea, we’d love to hear it. The key here though is, we want it to be interactive. “Come to spawn, hang out. Play a game, do some shopping. Have fun!”

    To anyone looking to make some money (or loots), I’m paying top dollar for silk touch enchantment books. I’ve been grinding levels like crazy and I’m not getting any success. Matter of fact, I would love it if people gave Kimmy’s shop more business. I’ll buy and trade books all day with people if they’re available.

    A cute fun build I plan on within the next week is a UFO high up in the sky above the beacon. I’ll use glass so the beacon won’t turn off, but hopefully it’ll look like it’s shooting some type of ray on us. I’ll redstone the inside with clocks so it blinks in the night. You might not even be able to see it from the ground, but it’ll be there.

    Another aerial build is the airship I wanna start, and to be honest, I’m scared of it. These things will be huge and demand a lot of attention when you look at them so they gotta look good. It’s a little intimidating. It’ll be a challenge that I’m pretty sure I can accomplish well, but it’ll be so time consuming and dangerous. Sheesh. Nail biter. If anyone is interested in this project, I would love company. Long builds go faster with friends. You can even build your own close by if you like.

    I FINALLY found a zombie spawner near spawn!!! So, look forward to Zombitos Brand Snacks coming your way soon (also a great dog treat), a discount armor consignment shop, and an infinite villager breeder. Once I have some villagers bred up, I’ll try to put some more security into spawn and set them loose. Might even make them a mini-village or at least a large building for them to all inhabit. Regardless, emerald trading will be added to the spawn area within a few.

    Zombie defense will be one of my upcoming concerns. I’m going to do my best to wall off Spawn in a pretty fashion to make it less likely for them to attack. A simple wall does well, but roads intersecting may still be a problem without a gate. We’ll see.

    That’s it for me. Got work in an hour.
    Creepers. Blocks. You know…


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