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    TheChickenShack is officially open for business (/res tp TheChickenShack). Until I make the money back from building the res I’m gonna charge for chicken, but after that, it will be free food for you gang. Use the drivethru for service. Donations are always welcomed. Most of my time and resources are dedicated to building, so I’m always out of everything. Thanks to all who contribute.

    Stella Memorial Park is now open as well. It’s 85% safe from mobs too. I don’t like talking about it, because it brings up too much pain, but my 10 month old daughter died in 2009 and I have been scarred ever since. Stella (latin for stellar, or star) died of SIDS one night. I went through a very destructive time in my life then and now I at least can go to bed without nightmares. I tattooed *STELLA* across my fingers to remind myself that whatever I do with my hands, to always think of her first. That build has love in it people. I hope you enjoy it. For those that aren’t tickled with it, fear not! I plan on changing it depending on seasons and holidays. Update 1.7 offers a lot of new plants as well. That park is sacred to me. Griefers be warned.

    The OverWorld Nether Hub has begun construction, just North of spawn. Still a work in progress.

    Notice the roads? The attempt is to make the area have purpose instead of scattered buildings. Think it’s turning out well. Roads will change construction depending upon the biome and readily available resources. They will not stretch across the entire zone.

    Street Lamps are being toyed with in town.

    Still stockpiling supplies for the Nether Transit system. Donations welcomed. Volunteers welcomed.


    Future projects-

    As always, top of the list, Nether Transit System NEEDS to be worked on. NEEDS it. And I NEEDS YOUR help! Supplies are needed, brewers, smelters, workers, security… EVERYTHING NEEDS done. Please, get involved ASAP.

    Horse Ranch is in need of crazy amounts of oak wood and a smaller amount of spruce for contrast, but oak!!! Also Red stained clay, or clay in any form for that matter, is needed. Fences. geez, fences for days.

    ZEMA- The Zombie Emergency Management Agency is looking for a location to build, preferably near a zombie spawner. If you are interested in working for ZEMA or have a spawner, apply. We are filling all positions for chemists (brewers) and field doctors (gold hunters) as well as an on-call doctor (expert in villager breeding). ZEMA- Because even zombies deserve to see tomorrow’s sunrise. A family corporation.

    A series of airships are being planned (again, more wood). I would like to do at least 3 variations. One in traditional steampunk fashion. One as a pirate ship adapted for flight, and one that is very fantasy or elven if you’re into the fey (elegant is the word I’m looking for). Plenty of more in mind, but I would like to see those first to experiment style and design.

    Slime Farm. Top Secret plan for billions!!!

    Post Office maybe??? Kickin around ideas…

    New businesses-

    Zombitos Brand Snack Food coming soon. Ever wish you could have a snack with the taste of pork rinds and beef jerky together? Now you can! Made from the freshiest of… sources…. they come in a variety of flavors including bacon, barbeque, teriyaki and cadaverine! In association with Chaos Inc LLC

    The Seed Builders: Construction Company will be opening soon. We specialize in making your dreams real. Do you love minecraft, but still can’t build a wooden button? Never fear. The Seed Builders will build for you. We are contract builders setting out to dominate the field. You want the best for a good price? Why look anywhere else? You can’t really, because I’m the only one, so it’s kind of a monopoly, but still. I love building and I will come up with a plan to make you something amazing, terms and conditions apply. I will only hire the best in each field. The best is what you pay for.


    Well Chaos, thanks for sharing your story and you have my sympathy. The garden is amazing and will help with any additions or add on that you need. As for the some of the other projects, I have some stacks of undyed clay that you can have for the horse ranch, and maybe i could lend at hand with ZEMA, since I have some experience getting rescuing some for my village.


    awwww chaos this story breaks my heart so much, having two kids of my own i cant possibly imagine the pain you went through, but you are a very strong person and as a minecrafter i am proud of you, the park is beautiful, keep smiling up at Stella and she will keep smiling down at you.

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