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    I’ve been cleared on starting a build near spawn to do absolutely nothing but look cool. I would like everyone’s opinions I can get, so ask your friends in game if they check the forums and to reply. If they don’t, well just ask their opinions and let us know what they think.

    I am completely open to suggestions if anyone would like to voice their mind. Additionally, I would also like to accept help from anyone willing as well. In fact, I encourage it.

    This is my idea, not set in stone, open for interpretation.
    -Cynix has so far made two minecart tracks leaving the spawn building. I would like to ride on the track and once up in the air a bit, have a fantastic view of a giant creeper and a skeleton in a fight with arrows whizzing in the air and everything. Their size would actually be easy to determine. One pixel=one block. I’m not currently looking at one, put I think that would make the creeper’s foot at least 4 high, sooooo…. The height of the build would be around 16-20ish??? I dunno, guessing. Regardless, I thought about making it to where you can go inside them, or even on top of these guys and walk around. Heck, maybe the creeper got hit and an arrow goes through him and the inside is all wildly flashing redstone and glass encased TNT. We could even make a Cat Disc pixel art in the bottom and install a jukebox. I just think this would be pretty cool to see on a minecart, eye to eye with the game’s baddies. If this idea is well received, perhaps scatter more random monuments out in the world to find. Giant Villager being chased by a giant baby zombie off in a desert somewhere?
    -Materials: Crazy amounts of dyes (renewable), wool (renewable), and clay (limited). Few stacks of wood. Anything else is ornamental (ie. Redstone)
    -Build Difficulty (1-10): 4

    If you would like us to consider your idea, Post it below! I’m gonna leave this forum up for about a week. After which time, I’ll announce what the server is in favor of and then start accepting volunteers and resource hunters. If this forum doesn’t get votes, you’re getting giant baddies. You don’t want giant baddies? Get people to VOTE!!! Thanks all for your support.

    Keep stacking Blocks!


    I think the Skeleton and the Creeper fighting is a brilliant idea and I am willing to donate stacks of clay and redstone and help if need be.


    Sounds good! I like the idea and think it will be a good one. I am willing to throw some time and/or resources toward it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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