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    Hello my fellow friends and builders. I have been reading over everything that has come out for the 1.7.2 update regarding CraftBukkit and there has been some promising developments. One group of developers have been able to get the new networking protocol out and have started to import the new blocks into the build. There is still much to do before an official release. There have been NO press releases or anything that would lead me to believe that the release is soon, however after careful thought and consideration I decided that I would like to start preparing our world for the update.

    Our world is small but users are still scattered very far apart. Our previous border was 7,000 meters from spawn. Our new world border is 4,000 meters. From my count there are only 5 people affected by this change. For those users I have given permission for them to get to their residences, however it seems that I may need to apply these permissions while you are online. For your residences, I will start moving them within the new border hopefully after having discussed a temporary location with you. If I have not spoken with you yet please PM me with coordinates of your current residence followed by a location you would like your builds to be temporarily stored at.

    When CraftBukkit releases a new version I will delete the world outside this new 4,000 meter border, then I will move the border back out to the 7,000 meter radius, followed by returning the residences to their previous coordinates.

    For everyone else access past the border will be blocked until after the 1.7.2 update. Please take this time to finish exploring the areas within our current bounds. Just think of all those new diamonds that will be revealed when the world expands again. 😀

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