Monarch Spawn

Monarch is our Towny / mcMMO server designed to be a roleplaying server.  This is a huge world (70k diameter) where you can find the perfect place to start building your Empire. Start a town as a Hermit, grow your town and become the Mayor - or join a town, and by working with other players, make your town great. This server also contains the CraftBook plugin so players can create complex redstone devices. CraftBook is just another tool you can use on Monarch to make your town unique and extraordinary. On Monarch, you can stay a Hermit or grow your town into a nation and eventually become King. The choices are yours.Towns cost in game money, which is obtained by voting for this server, selling goods to an admin store at spawn, or by creating a player shop with the ChestShop plugin. With money, a town can pay taxes, form a nation, or expand to occupy more land. The more people in a town, the larger it can become. Towns also get bonus space if they are part of a nation. With mcMMO, players can gain lots of special abilities that are not available in vanilla Minecraft. Players can level up skills in various areas such as Acrobatics, Archery, Axes, Excavation, Fishing, Herbalism, Mining, Repair, Smelting, Swords, Unarmed, and Woodcutting. Each skill gives users custom abilities. As an example, Woodcutting allows a player to use Tree Feller, which cuts down a tree in a single swing.

This server also features grief protection. Besides using a town to protect your builds or valuable materials, players can lock chests with Lockette. If a player forgets to protect his or her chest or build and is in fact griefed, our staff can revert the grief instantly using the CoreProtect plugin.

Because this is intended to be a roleplaying server, teleportation is strictly limited. Players can teleport to their own town and spawn for free. They can also teleport to any other town by paying a small fee in game. Players cannot teleport directly to or from other players or use any home commands. The idea behind this is that players should start their quests out to the server from the town closest to the area they are going to play in. It would be cheating for a player to make it all the way through a quest and get to the boss, only to teleport all his or her friends in to help slay the boss.

Are you ready to start your epic adventure, slay bosses and build a Kingdom?

Plugins Installed
  • Towny
  • mcMMO
  • ChestShop
  • Lockette
  • Dynmap
  • CraftBook
  • CoreProtect
Server Links
Game Address:
Player Name Color: Lime Green
World Size: 70k diameter

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