• Pure - Semi Vanilla Survival


    Pure  is our most vanilla survival server. Here you can play classic Minecraft survival where you gather resources, build structures, battle mobs and explore the land in an effort to survive and thrive. Our server offers three changes from regular vanilla to make gameplay in our large, multi-player world, a little more user friendly. Grief protection, transportation commands and world economy give you the opportunity to protect your builds and chests, travel to friends and residences around the world, and make your own player shops.

  • Dream - Semi Vanilla Survival


    Dream is our slightly more modded semi-vanilla server geared towards players who like the aspect of vanilla survival, but enjoy a few modded perks like voting for changes to the weather, time of day, and even to “kick” players causing trouble. Dream also has grief protection, transportation commands and an economy to enhance your survival experience. Our Dream server is geared towards supporting creativity and collaboration while holding to a Vanilla Survival standard.

  • Sky - Skyblock Server


    One of the most popular types of survival in Minecraft, the concept of skyblock is fairly simple. You spawn on a floating island and must survive and complete challenges with the resources available to you. Our skyblock server offers three different styles of islands to choose from. You can choose from a basic skyblock island, an extended 2 island map or, if you like a challenge, a condensed 4x4 block island with few resources. Choose your challenge, grow your island, create your paradise.

  • Monarch - Towny and mcMMO RPG Server


    Monarch is our RPG server which uses both mcMMO and Towny as well as CraftBook to provide a fun twist to traditional Minecraft.   Here you can expand your town, build outposts and even form a Nation with other towns. Our goal is to create a true city experience on this server, so most teleporting commands have been removed. Level your skills to gain resources, and use exciting plugins to help make your creative builds epic.

  • Famine - Mini Games Server

    Famine is a Mini Games server aimed at being a fun add-on for players. The server features amazing maps for a variety of mini-games, from Hunger Games to Capture the Flag. Players looking for a break from mining on Pure, leveling on Monarch, or building on Creative, can gather their friends and head to Famine for some pvp fun.

    Mini Games include: Hunger Games; Spleef; Football (Soccer); Capture the Flag; Paintball; Fallz

  • Creative - Creative Server


    Actually 3 individual servers ~ Creative, Inspired and Sandbox (flat world) ~ our creative servers provide players with a place to easily create beautiful and epic builds. Players can reserve 100 blocks (10x10) upon joining the server, and an additional 100 blocks for every hour they play on the server. Try out redstone creations or just let inspiration come when you build on our Creative servers.