Monthly Archives: December 2014

New stuff for our members

I have big news today and a lot to announce.

First, all of our servers are running Minecraft 1.8 and are nearly bug free at this point. A new world has been generated for the Vanilla and the old Survival server.

The computing platform we were on was at its limit for running our game servers. So this week we moved our game servers to a new very powerful computing platform that will allow for more expansion and we took full advantage of that.

We have joined forces with another mature adult group called Better In Game who have a variety of Minecraft game variations. You probably have already noticed chatting with them but you can also play with them by typing /server lobby. By being registered in Banana Smores you will have full builder benefits on all servers and they can come play with you as well.

Our Semi-Vanilla Survival server has been renamed to Dream and still has all the great features that you love including an economy, shops, residence protection, world map, chest protection, and player voting for condition changes. The new URL to the game server and world map is We have a new direct URL to our Creative server which is and there is a new creative world map that you can access using the same web address. And last but not least our first to update and often reset vanilla world can be accessed using

The new game variations include a Towney/ mcMMO server called Monarch, a Hunger Games server called Famine, a PVP raiding server called Splinter, a Flat world creative server called Sandbox, and a Semi-Vanilla server called Pure. All of these servers can viewed and accessed with the /server command.

We hope you enjoy access to all these fun game variations and enjoy the benefits to this new more powerful computing platform.