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New information from the Admins of Banana Smores

Maintenance time and a little history

Okay so today we ran into an issue. This morning no problems but after that we ran into lag around noon eastern. This was not ordinary lag this was server dropping to just a few frames per second. I spent quite a few hours trying to troubleshoot this problem and ran into more questions than I could find the answers to.

So here's where we are. We are making last second backups to the server and are documenting everything we can. We are working with our datacenter to have a complete OS reinstall. WOAH! Why a complete OS reinstall you ask. Well for a little detour its because when I first got this server it was so that I could enjoy my hobby of playing with linux servers. I just like making them work and trying out new software and testing its capabilities.

Thats what I find fun. Wierd huh? So this server has a lot of wierd stuff on it that is not necessary for MineCraft and to run an optimum server we need a better platform.  We were starting to plan this downtime for sometime next week. We just moved it up to tonight.

What you can expect. Tomorrow morning we will be playing on a server built from the ground up with Minecraft and you in mind.

Want to know more? Here's a little information about how we got started:

So I'm on the phone with my friend one day showing off my server and he asks do you want run a game server on it? I say "yes I do." I knew it would be fun and successful because back in 2003-2007 we ran a clan called 13thArmy. It was a Starcraft and Counter-Strike gaming clan with around 200 members. As a clan we had our own game servers for Counter-Strike and we both managed them :).  I am a little biased here but they were REALLY fun servers! Since I had the whole box we were able to run 12 game servers from one dedicated server and some of them were 64 slot servers that were full 24 hours a day. Tarqquin was able to combine plugins and configurations in a way that made the game non-stop fun all day long! . . great times. . Anyways life got in the way and we have been missing it ever since.

So here we are now. A new group, new game, new people were here for some new good times. 😀 Tarqquin has already put together a great list of plugins and a configuration that is really fun and protective. Now its time for me to setup a great foundation for us to run that configuration on. That will be done tonight and in the morning we should up and running.