Steps for troubleshooting your Minecraft connection

Mojang has been acting weird a lot lately. Start your troubleshooting here If there are red items on that page you may not be able to connect to any minecraft server.

If minecraft is up check to make sure our server is up. A good ez resource are any of our profiles at voting sites. I like

Our game server has an uptime of 99.2% so we have less than 6 hours of downtime a month. Our server is hosted on on a Level 2 fiber optic connection provided by cognet a company known to provide lightspeed connectivity and excellent uptime.

Finally if you are having a hard time check to make sure you are using the same version as we are. Our server is currently using version 1.7.2 and your client will need to match that for you to play. Please refer to the post below to find out how to make sure you client is matching our server's version.

If you are experiencing game lag while playing lets check to see if its your network. Open your command prompt (Windows click start, search for cmd and open) then type traceroute Use the three sets of numbers on the left and look for a large difference from one line to another. If you results have one copy the results and email them to me at cynixx3 at gmail dot com (ignore any *).

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