Dream Spawn

Dream is a Semi Vanilla survival server with a few perks to make your adventures more fun, run smoothly and to help explore your creativity. While we strive to retain the feel of vanilla survival, we also feel that game play can be more exciting with attributes such as Airplanes, Balloons, Solar planes, Sea ships, and Submarines.  On the Dream server, we encourage our players to explore their creativity, use their imagination and collaborate with other players while enjoying a survival based world.

To make game play run more smoothly, we have added an economy, teleportation commands and grief protection.

With our economy system, players can gain money by voting for the server on several websites and they can create shops to sell and buy goods using the ChestShop plugin.

We have added transportation on this server to increase interaction between players and locations. Players can use /home, /tpa, /tpahere, and /spawn commands. In addition, when players create grief protected zones, called Residences, the player can also decide to make the residence a teleport spot for anyone.

We have extensive grief protection to ensure every player is able to build without worrying about destructive players. Players can protect their own land and chests using either Residence or Lockette plugins. Additionally, our staff can reverse griefing if it does occur. This means that you can prevent griefing, but if you fail to do so, staff can help out in most cases.

Lastly, in addition to really cool plugins that allow flying through the air in your custom air ships and sailing the seas in your personally styled ship, we have the vote plugin where you can vote to change the time of day, change the weather and even to kick unpleasant players.

If you're looking for a server that inspires creativity and fun, but still retains the vanilla survival experience, then the Dream server is your best choice.

Plugins Installed
  • Residence
  • Essentials
  • ChestShop
  • Lockette
  • Dynmap
  • Vote
  • CoreProtect
Server Links
Game Address: mc1.BananaSmores.com
WorldMap: http://dream.bananasmores.com
Player Name Color: Gold
World Size: 7k diameter

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