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Kimosabe, you may shoot many words, but you still miss the point.

Bane, solarlynx and I don’t want to move our ‘old’ builds over to a new server – we merely want to be able to continue our current builds from one Minecraft version to the next. It would be a travesty if there was no place for ambitious builds like solar’s cathedral on the server. If you had your way, solar would have lost her cathedral just as Mojang introduced stained glass into the game. Have you no empathy? Perhaps you could educate yourself on your new server by undertaking similarly epic build of your own. I’m sure it would help you become a good builder. Hopefully your horizons aren’t so narrow that you can’t appreciate such epic endeavours.

You seem to think it unfair to be able to continue your current build in a new world. How is this unfair? Cyn has already stated that any iron, diamond etc blocks will be stripped from such builds. These builds were all built in game, in our own time, using mined resources. An arbitrary server reset does not change that, especially as everyone has the same opportunity to port over their builds. The charge for transferring builds is there to limit the amount of builds ported over, not to line Cyn’s pockets.

To my knowledge, you are the only one to have raised the possibility of paying to transfer items to the updated server.

The rest of your points are not directly relevant to the thread, so I’ll only reply to them briefly:

You berate people for wanting to continue their builds, yet you spend an entire paragraph complaining that you were denied access to a previous build following a server update, despite the advance warnings given to you by Cyn that the world map was to be shrunk. That seems strange.

I’m not aware of any of the server’s players complaining the server is too hard for them – if they’ve survived long enough on a Hard survival server to get weapons, armour and a res’ed base up and running then they’re pretty competent. If there is an issue, it’s that the Hard setting can make starting out on the server difficult. The server really needs to attract more players. Is it such a good idea to make it harder for them to get started than is needed?

I agree about most of your points regarding the rules. However, the whitelist seems to be working ok.

When I joined the server, you were one of the veteran players. I feel it’s a shame you never initiated a project on the forums (like you described). I would have joined in.

You complain about people not playing co-operatively. I’ll admit I need to do a bit more in this regard (although I’m planning to build a windmill at Bane’s). However, your list of achievements on your new server doesn’t mention any other players. Are you sure you’re not the one playing solitaire?

Don’t get me wrong, it’d be great to have you back on the server. However, other people may have different opinions to yours. That’s how it is. They aren’t less valid simply for not being your own. If you do want to positively influence the server, you’d be better off engaging us in a discussion than typing a rabble-rousing rant and running off to another server. If you’d rather play somewhere else then I wish you all the best.