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Kimosabe, you may shoot many words, but you still miss the point.

Bane, solarlynx and I don’t want to move our ‘old’ builds over to a new server – we merely want to be able to continue our current builds from one Minecraft version to the next. (how would you propose doing that without converting your builds to the new world? Circular argument. You don’t want to move your old build to a new world, but you want to work on your old build on a new world… ???) It would be a travesty if there was no place for ambitious builds like solar’s cathedral on the server. (Still would be, just start from scratch) If you had your way, solar would have lost her cathedral just as Mojang introduced stained glass into the game. (Yup, that’s what a new world means) Have you no empathy? (Nope, it was an update called “The Update That Changed The World”. I mean, we were told by Mojang they were changing the entire world and there were tons of snapshots and videos beforehand on youtube for several months… She could have waited til after the update to build it after all. No offense to Kim at all, but 1.7 should have been a server reset update. Building something gigantic beforehand wasn’t the best of ideas. ) Perhaps you could educate yourself on your new server by undertaking similarly epic build of your own. (Been there, done that multiple times) I’m sure it would help you become a good builder. (Already am one. You don’t know me well, do you?) Hopefully your horizons aren’t so narrow that you can’t appreciate such epic endeavours (having land world edited for you, resources given to you, building in fly and god mode, and teleporting back to your base for more supplies, eh… not so epic. Big, yes, epic, no. Stacking the blocks is the easy part. Free resources and the ability to fly and build without being harmed is called creative mode, not survival)

You seem to think it unfair to be able to continue your current build in a new world. (Yup) How is this unfair? (Cheating) Cyn has already stated that any iron, diamond etc blocks will be stripped from such builds. These builds were all built in game (a previous game, not the upcoming one), in our own time, using mined resources (from a previous world, not the upcoming one). An arbitrary server reset does not change that, especially as everyone has the same opportunity to port over their builds. (If you pay to cheat, then yes) The charge for transferring builds is there to limit the amount of builds ported over, not to line Cyn’s pockets. (in that case, put a limit on the number, not a dollar amount, so that way everyone can do it without spending money)

To my knowledge, you are the only one to have raised the possibility of paying to transfer items to the updated server. (You’ve not read all the forums where people were asking for that, but then again, the post has been deleted, so I can’t cite an example to back up my point)

The rest of your points are not directly relevant to the thread, so I’ll only reply to them briefly:

You berate people for wanting to continue their builds (yup), yet you spend an entire paragraph complaining that you were denied access to a previous build following a server update, (Yup, but I was actually referring to the fact that I couldn’t build there because Cynix put a residence on my door to a city I was building. That had nothing to do with the update. It was the fact that someone claimed my land from me and stopped me from altering my own build, but did nothing to stop others _Bane_ from building there) despite the advance warnings given to you by Cyn that the world map was to be shrunk. (There is no post stating an advanced date or exact time for the server update posted prior to it happening. It happened over night with no pre-warning what so ever. Citation in Cynix’s November 15th post. There was a discussion about changing the border and it’s size but no time table as to when it would happen or if/when/where he would move us. One day everything’s fine, next day, it’s not. You’ve not read all the forums. Cite the post where it says, “Server Update to occur on “this exact date”. You simply can’t. Don’t you think I would have done something about it had I known it was about to happen??? You think I’m that daft?) That seems strange. (Well, you didn’t have your base removed, your residence and the money spent on it wasted, and everything in your chests taken from you, did you? It didn’t effect you in the least, did it? Had it happened to you, I’m sure you would have said something. But it didn’t, so…)

I’m not aware of any of the server’s players complaining the server is too hard for them (When the server switched from normal to hard) – if they’ve survived long enough on a Hard survival server to get weapons, armour (previous free iron from cynix’s farm doesn’t count) and a res’ed base up and running then they’re pretty competent. (teleports, voting for weather, voting for daylight, “cheating” doesn’t necessarily imply competence) If there is an issue, it’s that the Hard setting can make starting out on the server difficult. (It’s a hard server, what did you expect?) The server really needs to attract more players. (Why? The ones we have don’t play together as it is. Better players, yes, more players, no) Is it such a good idea to make it harder for them to get started than is needed? (Free food at spawn, protected from mobs at spawn, rail cart to travel away from spawn and across the world, Nether portal 50 blocks away from main spawn, no PvP except after a 1000 blocks in one direction, loads of resources nearby, multiple shops, teleports, voting for weather and daytime… can’t get much easier dude. All you gotta worry about is a monster hitting you too hard when you’re not paying attention or the admin hitting you with bolts of lightning)

I agree about most of your points regarding the rules. However, the whitelist seems to be working ok. (negative, it’s still an open door for anyone to destroy the server and to invite less desirable players on. Technically, a new 12 year old player no one knows could make 50 wither bosses and set them loose on the world, just because you wanted to trust a random stranger. Remember, I was the one fighting the server hacker, not you. This is way we have had gay bashers, racists, griefers, shitty dirt house builders and hackers on the server. No one bothered to get to know them first)

When I joined the server, you were one of the veteran players (*brushes shoulders off*). I feel it’s a shame you never initiated a project on the forums (like you described). I would have joined in. (You’ve obviously not read all of my forums. I’ve initiated several projects and asked for volunteers multiple times. The Chat room in the teamspeak for “Builder Discussions” was started because of one of my projects. I even made a Construction Company that was going to hire builders. Yet, no one wants to play together.)

You complain about people not playing co-operatively. (yup)  I’ll admit I need to do a bit more in this regard (although I’m planning to build a windmill at Bane’s). However, your list of achievements on your new server doesn’t mention any other players. (I’ve changed) Are you sure you’re not the one playing solitaire?  (I was the only one dedicated enough to do those things. While they were busy rebuilding their same roof on their house for the 17th time, I was terraforming a biome. I didn’t have them help me because, frankly, they sucked. They weren’t willing to put in the time or effort. I don’t waste my time on aiding others anymore or asking for aid. If I want something done, I solo it now. People are generally unreliable and lazy. I’ve learned my lesson about building a shit ton of things for other people _BananaSmores_using my own time and resources just to have others say, “I would have done that different,” yet they didn’t lift a finger to help. I’m self sufficient now, I look out for me and me alone. So thanks, you’ve created this monster)

Don’t get me wrong, it’d be great to have you back on the server (Why? So I can build everyone else’s shit again and receive no respect or compensation for it?) However, other people may have different opinions to yours. (Most agree though) That’s how it is. They aren’t less valid simply for not being your own. If you do want to positively influence the server, you’d be better off engaging us in a discussion (what? On the teamspeak no one used? Or the 30 forum posts no one read? I could have spammed the in game chat I suppose and talked to the 2 people online and then repeated myself over and over again when a new player logged on) than typing a rabble-rousing rant and running off to another server. If you’d rather play somewhere else then I wish you all the best.




I didn’t want a server reset, I wanted a new world reset. Something with every single biome where they integrate with each other instead of snow meeting desert. I didn’t want the same world patch-worked together. I wanted all of us to start fresh, with a level playing field and work together to create something new. A place where we could toss out our past mistakes and rise like a phoenix in a new world. I additionally wanted less plug-ins to make it less easy and a stricter white list with a closer knit group of players rather than a horde of random strangers that don’t interact. I don’t want to play on a bukkit server, so I’m not. It’s that simple. You do. So play on it. I wanted to play on a vanilla server. BananaSmores is not one. I stayed as long as I did because of my friendship with Cynix, but apparently he and I don’t see eye to eye with the evolution of where the server is going and have since had a falling out I suppose, which is truly the saddest part of it all to me. It seems like our friendship has died over some fucking pixels. Instead of me hanging around and getting more and more pissed off at things seeming so chaotic (the irony of my name, lol) and becoming toxic, I bowed out. I’ve had offers to join the VanillaSmores server, but I was already on it in the beginning and was unwhitelisted because I didn’t want to pay for the game. I thought with my countless hours of building and service to BananaSmores and my dedication to it’s development I should be allowed to play on it for free. Perhaps that was a bit conceded of me, but I thought I had earned it, and still do. I wanted to build a spawn for everyone on it. A nice, clean, efficient, good looking place where all the buildings corresponded to one another and roads were laid out properly, every thing lit up nice, farms, gardens, villager trading, iron farm, the whole works. All the problems we’ve had on Banana, I wanted to fix on Vanilla. Again, for the like 20th time, I was providing my time, effort, creativity, resources and support for the betterment of all of you. Completely selfless, yet again. My reward? Blacklisted from it. I guess that was my final straw. The one thing I wanted the most from the very start when I found BananaSmores, taken away from me. I’m a survival builder, I don’t want to play on a bukkit server. I require structure and planning as opposed to guess work. I want to play with people that actually have like minded goals. I’d rather challenge myself than to make things easier for myself. I’d rather fight monsters at night in the rain with my wooden sword and risk dying than to type /vote day. I’d rather ride a horse through the nether risking ghasts and pit falls and lava to get to my friend’s base than to type /tpaccept. I’d rather lose my gear fighting a zombie horde than to type /back and getting it back in temporary god mode. I’d rather dig the dirt and break 10 diamond shovels than to have someone disappear 10,000 blocks with 2 hits of a wooden axe. I’m just a different player than most of you. I want the challenge. Nothing I do is of value if I don’t challenge myself to do it. If it comes too easy, it’s not worth it. Some of you think the server isn’t easy at all, but I do. Many do. Many aren’t happy. It’s not perfect, but it’s still a home. That’s why they stay. The fellowship. The ease. The safety. Most people aren’t like me. They don’t want to do a lot of fighting, or exploring, or caving, or building. Some are content with building on their same base for months on end and never finishing it. Some want nothing more than to be farmers. Some just want to play with redstone. I on the other hand want it all. I don’t want to be good at everything, I want to excel at everything. I want to earn everything I accomplish without cheating myself.

We’re just cut from a different cloth. So, I won’t be coming back to a bukkit server. I’m a builder. I play on hard mode. I build 200 blocks in the sky without a safety net. I take on endermen with no hesitation. I laugh at zombie hordes and eat their flesh to scare them. I don’t fear creepers destroying my home, because I know I can rebuild anything. I’m meant for survival. It’s what my pickaxe was destined for. I’ve just got to do what’s right for me. As always, watch your backs for creepers and keep stacking blocks.



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