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I have not spoken out about the world reset yet, because like many I was hurt at the thought of loosing my work. This is my first game that I’ve spent more than a few weeks playing, and the other games I never got the hang of. I have never been much of a gamer until minecraft and then I fell in love. As I began to build I was also learning basic game play. I knew very little about such things like updates and didn’t even know one was planned or that stained glass was coming until very far in my cathedral build. So this being said I was devastated at the possible loss and remained quiet. I didn’t vote until the possibility of moving my build was mentioned and I have voted for the restart and I am now excited about it.

However I have recently, very recently, been playing with the idea of rebuilding my cathedral from scratch in the new world without altering the design. Thank god for graph paper blue prints! I have built it once before, in survival, with no spawned blocks, everything was mined; and I can do it again. I can also do it without fly this time. However, my playing style is slow and ponderous, and I can get on rarely due to having a demanding school schedule, work, fraternity commitments, volunteer work, etc. that must come first for me to realize my real life potential. I think this is okay, and hope and am confident that others will be patient with me, as this server caters to a wide range of game play. This server is a place to unwind after a long day with other creative gamers. And with this in mind I am confident that a reset with new opportunities and the option to save hard work is a great way to move forward. I believe that our current members and their variety of abilities will see us to our own form of greatness and our diversity should be celebrated.

This being said, please be patient with Cynix as he waits for the bukkit 1.8 update and smooths out bugs on the server. Coding is not easy, at least my 4.0 brain has a hard time with it, and he has a job to which he is always on call. Feel free to air concerns and bring up topics of discussion, the server staff will address it as soon as possible. And lets continue to keep the server civil and productive. I love this server, not just because I am financially tied to it, but because of the people and the creativity.

I look forward to playing with you all soon.