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1. Oh i see,good job anyway^^ Btw,if theres a way to reset the nether world region only,it’ll be great if we could.I dont mind helping you guys,but due to timezone problems,i wont be able to help much.But you guys can leave me a message to tell me what job i need to do^^ Alittle help is better than no help! 😀

2.Oh I see,well i really like having minecarts you know(= I love how mindcrack nether hub works,its really awesome using cartS(big fan here)

Anyway,How bout we have a system that boost the whitelist effect and the forums?
Lets say,if one player has been inactive for 4days? He’ll get removed from whitelist and need to apply for whitelist again. BUT,if they have to move house/go on holiday etc.They’ll need to post a forum thread tittled ‘Excused From Whitelist Exempt’? then they’ll post the reason why they need it and the time they’ll need.