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Hi Sam, I’m TheChaosShaman aka Chaos. I’m a moderator in training. I do a bunch of world building and projects for the server along with my main mofo Cynix.

If you have any questions or need advice, fire away.

Our goal with this server is Community. As long as you respect your neighbor’s, their belongings, and their property, you are golden to do what you like pretty much. We have very few rules on the server. The best way I can phrase it is, we’re all paddling down this river together, so just don’t rock the boat. I’m thrilled that you’ve decided to join. We have a few players from Europe as well, if you have a time zone conflict. Alice101 is in Holland. This is a shared account. One person is a female from Holland (lynn) and the other is a guy from the UK (Alan). Also kimmibapple (kimmy) is from the UK as well. Regardless, I’m sure you’ll make friends fast. If you need anything….