Re: Confused, AntiCheat


So AntiCheat was not working out so well and was conflicting with another plugin. So I removed that and now were working with a different security solution that seems to be more inclusive and able to run with fewer false positives. Lets see how this one works out and go from there.

I am reviewing the games security breach from many different viewpoints and making changes to multiple areas to harden our server. With just myself on the project this is taking a long time to complete the process. It may be another day or two before I can start to feel happy about the state of the server. My goal is to get us to an acceptiable level of security that we would not have to worry even if someone is able to hack in the future. We are already much better off than a few days ago even without AntiCheat.

I take issues of security a little too seriously sometimes. When I see a hole that has been used I try to over secure it to prevent future problems. The downside is that overshooting sometimes causes issues like this. This kid was able to exploit many areas that could have security improved and im working on them a few at a time. Part of the process of being a new owner I guess.

Posts documenting information to help me troubleshoot the issue are very important. Luckally the name of the plugin alone was enough for me to give you an update but next time please document issues you have with as much information as you can for me to help resolve the issue. I have had many reports of problems in the game today and your the only one to post in the forums about it. I hope in the future we could get more people to help document problems.