Re: Cynix HACKED



^made a lifelong enemy

Did everything I could to get his attention on my builds and not everyone else’s. I prompted him into conflict as much as possible until he gave up and banned me. Yes, I’m banned. So, I can’t do shit about it. I’m sorry to everyone that I was unable to do anything to stop this from happening. I have no capabilities that you guys don’t have other than spawn building. I couldn’t kick him, ban him, change his spawn to a lava pit, nothing. I still feel like I should have done more to protect you all, but I was powerless.

There’s no use asking to report him. Mojang doesn’t deal with that. They don’t have anything to do with our server whatsoever. He found a loop-hole somehow and exploited it. We didn’t lock the backdoor tight enough I guess and let him in.

So, here’s what’s gonna happen.
-We perma-ban him, his IP, his account. Everything.
-We correct this problem and see to it that it never happens again.
-We roll back the clock on the server and fix it. I hope that Cynix can do that. There’s a lot of damage (i’m homeless btw, completely without even a dirt block). Worst case scenario, Cyn made a world save a couple weeks ago. Hopefully, it won’t come to that.

I’m rather flaming mad to be honest. Blow up my truck? Fine. Blow up my RV? Fine. But the sign of him lining my daughter’s memorial with TNT… I almost quit minecraft for good right then. Might still. I’m pretty upset. That’s not even the right word for it. Ravenous. Venomous. Villainous. Thermo-Nuclear fall out kinda angry. I wanna hunt this asshole down, pop out his eye, pour in salt and skull fuck him til his brain is mush.

But, then again, I’m just letting the terrorists win (Copyright Dubya Bush). ANYTHING destroyed I can rebuild. ANYTHING EVERYTHING. I have suffered losing a best friend to suicide, a daughter to SIDS, a father and 2 grandparents to cancer. I’ve been homeless. Poor. Addicted to pills. And you know what? I ALWAYS bounce back. ALWAYS!!! ALL-FUCKING-WAYS!!! You can knock me down, but I’ll damn sure get back up to keep fighting time and again.

Congratulations IvNet. I know nothing of hacking or computers, but now, I get to thank you for the privilege of coaxing me into learning. So, thank you. I’ll dedicate myself to it. And when next we meet…


Fuck watching your backs for creepers. Watch your back for me. Keep stacking blocks people. A lot of them.