Re: Cynix HACKED


Well, no idea what went on with you two in the past but damn, anyhow, we can just rebuild, nothing like this can keep us down, We work together like we have always done and we can easily come back from this. Oh and if you still need a home, move in with us!!!!!!!!!!

Ok yes i agree it sucks that a lot of the world has been blown up, but that does not matter to much, as we are still all here. Cant change that part. So you have both of our help if you ever need it.

Take take and we will over come this.

P.S i have been looking at Kimmys place and Chaos’s place and both are fine, well not all true, chaos when i went over to your place there were some things on the floor so i picked them up and put them in your mail box, but i cant get inside your home as there is a lot of things on the floor. Does that mean he was there not so long ago? :S