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Hello all,

I can understand why you are angry Fade,
But there are a few things i want to say to.

I agree at some points with you about the GodMode part, i think its maybe a bit to much (in this state).

I payed for sponsor rank, to help finance the server, for the work cynix is putting in, AND for the stuff i get for it.
Mainly i payed for the fly mode ability and the bigger residences.

In my opinion, flymode is not an issue, sponsoring must be rewarding for people who pay,
and flymode is a big thing in drawing people over the line of sponsoring or not.
And since we pay ingame money to, i definedly think sponsors deserve it.

However, what i talked to cynix about, I think non donators maybe should have some abilitys to (fly),
but then for maybe 75% more ingame money, and if they are trusted players.

Its fully up to cynix what to do, we only can make suggestions,
but i payed for the stuff i got now, And to take it away will be a bummer (godmode i can understand).

It is ofcourse evryone’s choice to sponsor or not, but if you pay, you get more, always have bin, always will be. No offence.