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The reason I complained was about the God Mode and I know the sponsors payed real money yayaya, What i was saying was I don’t think God Mode should be implemented at all. Lets say you dies and lost your stuff to a zombie horde. Ok What do you do? You make a cheep set of armor and a Bow and kill them at range and take your stuff back. If you cant just walk back or its to far to that I would say tough luck Go remake all your tools I have had to do this a lot and its a big part of the game. But you could say Oh I lost my silk touch pick! Ya I have been there and I know how angry you can get over that. That is where I could understand wanting to use Godmode But! Maby instead we could have it to as where you would be protected from damage after teleporting for about 30 seconds? I feel as if this is one of those things where we have it or we don’t.

This is how I view it and here is another scenario: A new Player Joins and sees a person flying around they will think this server is full of Hax or is really cheap. Not saying all New players will but I just don’t want the server getting a bad rep.

Again this is just my opinion and all I was trying to say here was I think we should keep this Vanilla as possible. I love this server and I hope you can all see what I mean and that you don’t take this the wrong way as to how I never meant it to be.