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I didn’t want to say anything but I agree, the sponsor is gamebreaking. Maybe they could have a monthly bonus gift like a stack of diamonds or emeralds or a mob egg or beacon. And I’m not just saying this because I don’t have the sponsor and I’m jealous, it’s because personally I feel the godmode and flying perks are a deterrent rather than a incentive to get it. I’d rather play the game the way it was meant to be played. I think everyone wants to play the game the way it was designed? maybe I’m wrong.

Nevertheless If I were a sponsor I would be happy to just know I am helping the server run smooth for myself and everyone else. That’s my insight but it doesn’t effect me if people have godmode and fly so I don’t care. This isn’t exactly a PvP server so no player can have an advantage over me.

No offense to anyone, do you. I could care less. nothing NEEDS to change in my opinion. If Cyn feels that the sponsor must come with these perks then so be it, he knows more than me, lol. Although there must be some alternatives he has overlooked?

There should be a poll on this…